‘70,000 Electronics Complaints Are Pouring In… Samsung Electronics ‘We Will Regain Top Position in Semiconductor Industry Within 2-3 Years’ – The Hankyoreh

  1. '70,000 Electronics' Complaints Are Flowing… Samsung Electronics 'Will Regain No. 1 in Semiconductor Industry in 2-3 Years'Miner
  2. Samsung's Confidence: 'We'll Get Back to Number One'… A 'Secret Weapon' Appears That Will Turn the Game Upside DownKorean economy
  3. “70,000 electrons were trapped”… Samsung Electronics shareholders have a lot of questions, is the answer of vice president Han Jong-hee.Mail Business newspaper
  4. Breaking Nvidia's foothold… Samsung Electronics will launch its own AI accelerator, Mach 1, next year.Seoul Economic Daily
  5. “It has turned into a civil servant organization, not Samsung of Innovations”… The concerns of the 4.67 million Donghak Ant shareholders were expressed at the Samsung Electronics shareholders' meeting. Chosun Biz:Chosun Biz

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