A 74-year-old man with bad ears who was about to move to a new house in the park died in a Mae Klong train accident.

  1. A Mae Klong train crash kills a 74-year-old with bad ears who is about to move to a new home in the park.Tairat
  2. An old man came out of the back door of the house and was hit by a train and died on the spot.online manager
  3. Tragic. The Talat Rom Hup train rammed into a 73-year-old grandfather, causing a gruesome death.Amarin TV channel 34
  4. Terrible death! Grandpa is hit by a train and dies on the railroad tracksCh7.com:
  5. Unfortunately, the train ran into a 74-year-old man who tragically died on the way to Mae Klong station. Officials are rushing to investigate MATICHON ONLINE |: LINE TODAY:LINE TODAY Thailand

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