An employee at a Recoleta barber shop was shot in the head following an argument

The victim was killed by an employee who ran away

A famous hairdresser in the neighborhood of Buenos Aires Recoleta It was a terrible scene. About an unlikely situation that occurred between quarreling partners. The reason for the fight is still unknown, but it ended in the worst way: one of them shot the other in the head and ran away.

The shocking event happened this Wednesday at dusk “Verdini”, a hair salon at 3017 Beruti Street, where celebrities from the show usually go. The business had already closed its shutters when the situation began to develop, the outcome of which was fatal.

Everything was caught by the local security camera. The video lasts two and a half minutes, in which three men and a woman are seen sitting in a circle, while the one who finished the trigger is standing. In the images, you can see how this individual has been identified as Abel GuzmanFrom what we can conclude, he orders the young woman and two of the men to get up from their chairs and stand aside.

Guzmán ends up standing face to face German Gabriel Medina, who because of his behavior, despite the fact that his partner showed the weapon, does not seem to assume how the situation will end. The tension in the atmosphere is palpable, but despite being targeted, Medina cannot move or get up from her chair. Guzman with all the coolness shoots him in the head and ends up fleeing the scene like the rest of his companions, horrified by what they have witnessed. Within a minute, one of the witnesses reappears, opens a shop and allows the killer to escape from the barbershop.

Alerted by what happened, the city police went to the scene. Medina, with a gunshot wound to the skull, is transported to Fernandez Hospital by the SAME crew with vital signs. A few minutes later, the 33-year-old man, originally from Moron, died.

Guzman is on the run

“We received a call that there was a gunshot wound. The ambulance arrived a few minutes later and found the man with a gunshot wound to the skull. Soon the transfer began. I was in cardiac arrest and we took him to Fernandes Hospital,” said the SAME chief. Alberto Crescenti in dialogue with All News (TN).

The patient was in critical condition, and we had taken him in cardiopulmonary arrest.“Exercises continued in Fernandez's shock room to try to turn the situation around, but unfortunately this man died,” lamented the doctor.

The officers of the police department of the police district 2A met Facundo Ramon Berdinithe business owner who stated that when the store closed They stayed drinking, and later a work incident occurred between two employees. According to police sources, everything happened “from one moment to another”. Guzman took out his gun and shot his partner in the head.

At the moment, Guzman is being searched intensively by the police.

The case titled “Gun Shot and Serious Injuries” was assigned to the doctor Javier Sanchez Sarmiento Court No. 48 of the National Criminal and Correctional Court ordered the opening of a murder case and the intervention of the Homicide Division.

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