Ants Sell 1.5423 Trillion KRW Worth of Electronics Right Before Samsung Electronics’ 80,000th Anniversary

Samsung Electronics Headquarters

“Why is only Samsung Electronics at the box office? “Isn't it the right time to buy when people are asking when they're going to make money in stocks like Samsung Electronics?” (Investor A)

“I bought it thinking it was in the basement, but it was heartbreaking until it went to the basement. So I sold it as soon as it went up and it's going to 80,000. “Will it really be 100,000 electrons?” (Investor B)

Samsung Electronics' stock price closed at 79,300 won on the 21st, up 3.12% from the previous day. This is the return of “Samsung Electronics, the leader” with “80,000 Electronics (Samsung Electronics stock price 80,000 won)” just around the corner. Nvidia Chairman Jensen Hwang's announcement that “Samsung Electronics is entering a growth cycle” and the results of the US FOMC (Federal Open Market Committee) were all positive factors.

However, it is foreign investors and institutions who are jumping in, believing that Samsung Electronics' stock price will rise further. Foreigners bought 1.065 trillion won and institutions bought 500 billion won of Samsung Electronics shares on the day. On the other hand, the net sales of individuals amounted to 1.5423 trillion won. Having recorded the highest net sales amount in history at 1.5 trillion won the previous day, it once again broke the record.

Then such a comment appeared on the Internet. “This is why ants can't make money.” Someone clicks their tongue and says “So you said Samsung Electronics and Gangnam Apartments aren't for sale?”

◇ “Market profit, even a little”

Meanwhile, Samsung Electronics showed a slower share price trend compared to SK Hynix, hovering between 60,000 and 70,000 won. Meanwhile, more than 1 million minority shareholders left Samsung Electronics last year alone.

On the 20th, the 600 shareholders who attended the regular general meeting of shareholders of Samsung Electronics complained to the chairman of the shareholders' meeting, Vice Chairman Han Jong-hee, asking:

NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang also wore a black leather jumper during his keynote speech at the NVIDIA Developer Conference 'GTC 2024' held on the 18th (local time) in San Jose (local time). / AFP Yonhap News

Later today, NVIDIA CEO Jensen Hwang said: “We are testing Samsung Electronics' High Bandwidth Memory Semiconductor (HBM) in California, USA. When he said: “I have high expectations,” Samsung Electronics shares soared, up 5.62% on the day.

It appears that individual investors have started selling because of Samsung Electronics' rapid growth that has not been seen in a long time. An industry official said. “People who bought at the low point would think, 'Let's sell now and take a profit,' and people who bought at the high point would think, 'Let's sell now and minimize the loss.' Samsung Electronics' all-time high price was 91,000 won on January 11, 2021. In addition, the average individual purchase price in 2021, when Samsung Electronics' net purchasing power was the largest, is estimated to be around 80,848 won. Meanwhile, according to an analysis of client accounts by Kiwoom Securities, the securities firm with the largest retail market share, the average purchase price of Samsung Electronics shares by Kiwoom Securities clients was 74,800 won at the end of last year.

Graphics = Yang Jin-kyung

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang said this about Samsung Electronics.

“You (Korean journalists) don't know how big a company Samsung is because you live in the same country as Samsung. “Samsung is a very unusual company, and everything related to automotive manufacturing is done by Samsung.”

The following reactions emerged from the stock investment community:

“I know it's great. So I'm stuck on the 8th floor.” “I think it's very unusual. So that's the roof (9th floor). Help me.”

◇ 100,000 Electronic Ghana

The reason Samsung Electronics' stock price rose was because several favorable factors were converging. The FOMC has approved rate cuts three times this year, and Samsung Electronics is expected to receive $6 billion (about 7.96 trillion won) in semiconductor subsidies from the US government on the 28th.

Stock analysts expect Samsung Electronics stock prices to rise further.

Meritz Securities analyst Kim Seon-woo, who predicted it would reach 100,000 electronics, said: “Samsung Electronics' operating profit for the second quarter of this year is also expected to rise to 5.5 trillion won from 3 trillion won previously. , and shipping estimates for the smartphone and Galaxy S24 are also higher than before. “Because it's predicted.” SK Securities analyst Han Dong Hee also set a target price of 100,000 won on the stock, driven by rising operating profit and surplus memory.

On the other hand, BNK Investment & Securities researcher Lee Min-hee predicted it at 86,000 won. Researcher Lee said: “After a dip early last year, performance has improved every quarter and we expect an upward trend in the long term, but this is because the immediate benefits of AI are small and the reliance on mobile is high.”

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