Arcor CEO Resigns from Copal Amid Domestic and Importation War Investigations

In a surprising shock to the industry and amid a war with the government over food imports, Daniel Funes de Rioja is stepping down as president of the Coordinating Food Producers (Copal). As established Page I12 Industry sources also said the UIA president's departure was due to a confrontation he had been having for several weeks with giant Arcor and other major players in the industry. They didn't like a lot, including Kopal's dependence on the UIA agenda.

“The truth is that he was very badly abused. I was not aware that they were going to make that decision,” said one person who followed the arrest and Funes' departure. Apparently, according to this newspaper, the pressure to oust the historic leader of the food industry did not come from Arcor alone. Unilever, Ledesman and Coca Cola also participated.

The scene where the dismissal took place was the dinner in the last hours. There, the representatives of these companies thanked Funes and explained that “it is necessary to change the face of Copal, because it is very connected to the agenda of the UIA”. They completed it by assuring that “we need to talk more about the mass consumption sector”. Funes asked them for time to evaluate these changes, but they told him that the decision has been made and it will be finalized in the next few hours.

Funes is not the only one to leave amid tensions surrounding the departure of barrister Alfredo Guzman, treasurer of the Aberdeen Angus Association and its kidney man. Meanwhile, the position vacated by Funes will be filled by Carla Martin Bonito, the young leader of Copal, who until now worked as Funes's assistant and the organization's communications face. In addition, Arcor's representative at UIA, Adrian Kaufman Brea, will be offered as Copal's vice president.

In a few days, Copal will formalize the departure of Funes, arguing that in fact on April 4 the organization will hold elections, elections that will have a “unified list” led by Bonito. The reality is that he was fired for what was said before.

Funes' dismissal comes as the business community has been on edge over the Millais government's decision to open up food imports, which has worried the ruling giants in Copal. Funes was asked to do everything possible to return to the event, which he eventually did.


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