China aims to attract “Foreign Investment Capital” in many areas. Xinhua Tai

(Xinhua File Photo: Haizhou Wetland and Canton Tower in Guangzhou, South China’s Guangdong Province, Feb. 24, 2020)

BEIJING, March 20 (Xinhua) — China’s National Development and Reform Commission revealed on Wednesday (March 20) that China has begun revising the list of industries in various sectors. which supports foreign investment

Hua Zhong, an officer of the committee, said that the committee will participate in liaison with chambers of commerce and foreign enterprises through field inspections and workshops in the above adjustment process.

Such actions will continue to be aimed at the production sector. This is one of the key areas for attracting foreign investments. China will increase support in the field of advanced manufacturing. modern maintenance Advanced technology energy conservation and environmental protection to attract more foreign investment in these areas

Hua concluded that the review of the list of industries will be based on local resource factors. and industrial roots in the central and western regions Encourage multinational companies to develop business in the region.

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