Corat Women Angry Dating App Billboard Shows Insults Against Women Smoked Noodles (Clip)

Korat women are angry A billboard advertising a dating app uses a message that is a metaphor for good things, showing an insult to “women fried noodles in Korat.” They demanded the removal of the billboard, while the other side has yet to give any clarification.

On March 20, 2024, from the world of social media, where pictures of large billboards were shared. posted in the Nakhon Ratchasima City Hall area with the message “Delicious Nakhon Ratchasima Food”. Korat fried noodles have a cross at the end and Korat women have a check mark at the end. Below is the logo of the dating app. which many consider to be such a message Indicating the intent to insult and sexually disrespect Korat women. This caused great dissatisfaction among the people of Korat.

about this. Journalists went to the area this morning. A commercial building along Pho Klang Road, less than 500 meters away from Thao Suranaree Monument Square within Nakhon Ratchasima Municipality, such a billboard was found. There are white Thai letters. The red background stands out and catches the eyes of passers-by.

In addition, it was found that there is such a sign. It is stuck in many other areas of Nakhon Ratchasima province, especially along Mitraphap Road in Pak Chong District, which is a big landmark. It is expected that they want to promote the dating app.

Miss Chanyanuch Surachat, a leading women's rights advocate in Korat, revealed that when she first saw people sharing it on social media, she still didn't understand. But when I read the message carefully, I saw “Stir-fried noodles in Korat. Wrong check Korat girl check check” with a questioning message above that reads: “Delicious food at Nakhon Ratchasima.” It is absolutely disrespectful to Korat women. Because of using the word “delicious” for women. It is not appropriate. Because everyone has honor and dignity, if you want to use your creativity You must respect others. Not to disrespect your dignity. Only because of the benefits Which are not only the people of Nakhon Ratchasima province.

Miss Chanyanuch said that in addition, saying that Korat Fried Noodles is not a delicious Nakhon Rachasima food. It is similar to the cost of a good Korat product. Because fried noodles is Korat It is considered one of the slogans of the province, namely, “City of brave women, good silk, Korat noodles, stone castles, Dan Qian land”, so fried noodles in Korat cannot be underestimated. which after this I would like the sign to be removed. To make everyone comfortable Especially during Yamo's event. Between March 23 and April 3, 2024, will he come out and apologize to the people of Korat or not? It is in the conscience.

However, through dating apps Who owns the sign has yet to provide any clarification. Continuing the incident If there is progress, additional information will be provided.

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