“Could the 13-year-old incident happen again? Sberbank’s ‘warning signal’ / SBS 8 News – SBS News”

  1. Will the incident of 13 years ago repeat itself? Sberbank's “warning light” / SBS 8 NewsSBS News
  2. Real Estate PF Bankruptcy 'Direct Hit'… Savings Banks Deficit 'Warning Light'Korean economy
  3. Last year, the savings bank's net loss amounted to KRW 555.9 billion, turning into a deficit for the first time in 9 years due to increased credit costs.business position
  4. Savings Bank lost 500 billion won due to the bankruptcy of PF… The highest crime rate in the last 8 yearsSeoul newspaper
  5. Sberbank had a deficit for the first time in 8 years… The financial sector is also “stumbling” due to the “PF typhoon”.MBC News

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