Dior states that Kim Yo-Jeong’s North Korea bag appears similar to their product, but authenticity is unsure.

The UN Security Council's North Korea Sanctions Committee and Christian Dior have exchanged letters to find out whether an alleged luxury bag bought by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's younger sister, Vice Minister of the Workers' Party Kim Yo Chong, was on time, it has emerged. His visit to Russia last September was “real”.

It began with a media report that the bag that Vice President Kim was holding in a photo released by North Korean media was believed to be a product of Dior, an expensive and luxury French brand.

To confirm whether this violates the Security Council sanctions resolution against North Korea, which bans the export of luxury goods to North Korea, the United Nations asked Dior to confirm the facts in October last year, and Dior responded: We assumed it was the model of our handbag, but based on the photo alone, we can't confirm whether it's genuine. “It's difficult,” he answered.

He also said: “We follow regulations prohibiting the sale and transfer of luxury goods to North Korea,” it added. We cannot fully control their transfer in the form of resale.” “There is none,” he added.

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