Fired and Injured Employees: A Surprise in Jeyuk Ssambap Restaurant Owner’s Statement


“I hastily fired the employee and insulted him,” he recalls.

Photo = Picture of the application

As the story of the owner of the Jeyuk Ssambap restaurant, which is struggling financially, has become known to the local community, the residents continue to support him.

Mr. A, who lives in Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, recently posted a post on a used goods trading app titled: Mr. A left a photo of a letter near the entrance of Jeyuk Ssambap restaurant and said, “Cheer up, boss, I'll visit sometime.”

In a handwritten letter posted in front of the store's door, the store owner opened the letter with the sentence, “Is life like this for all people, isn't doing business easy, or am I just weird?”

He continued. “I opened this store confident that everything would work out if I did it myself, but after I let my employees run it for six months, there was nothing left and I ended up paying a lot of taxes. He continued. “I was under stress and I fired my employees in a hurry, which caused them pain.”

He ended the post by saying: “I'm upset, so I'll drink and stop for dinner tonight, and tomorrow I'll put in the money myself so I can eat more and enjoy more food. “

Neighbors who saw the post responded with comments such as, “I'll be visiting on the weekend” and “I'm going to eat alone.” One of the regular residents of the store supported the owner, writing: “This place is delicious, but it's a shame. I will go there often. I didn't know there was such a story.''

Author A, who told the shop owner's story, later left a note confirming the visit to the restaurant. Mr. A said: “The location of the store is a bit disappointing, I am satisfied with the taste, quantity, cleanliness, service, the prices are reasonable and I had a satisfying meal.”

Jang Ji-min, guest reporter

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