He attempted to block the truck’s path on the flooded street and was hit by the driver, who then dragged him on the hood.

avenue Hipolito Yrigoyen, in Avelanda, was the site of a traffic dispute that nearly ended in tragedy. The man standing on the boulevard separating the two directions of Zarkerak sternly reprimanded the truck driver for not passing by that place. “I won't tell you anymore.”, was one of the last screams heard amid the storm's destruction. Then the car He went forward at full speed and dragged the neighbor for several meters.

Everything was captured in a video that went viral on social media. “Turn around there, I asked for it, I asked for it in front of everyone, I won't even ask,” insists the neighbor, who is trying to kick the car.

In the photo, he is seen in front of a car, a black Volkswagen Amarok pickup. On one side, on the dividing line of the boulevard, were other locals.

Another element can be seen between it and the truck: caution tape that was used to try to prevent cars from passing so that waves wouldn't form and flood the businesses and homes on the block. That tape was the sign the driver wanted to ignore.

Moments after the man's charge, the driver pressed the accelerator. The roar of the engine wore out the tape and so did the neighbor who managed to put his hands up to stop the impact. Squealing, he could not prevent the car from dragging him several meters on the hood.

A man tried to run over another man on Hipolito Yrigoyen AvenueA man tried to run over another man on Hipolito Yrigoyen Avenue

The man fell to the side and was submerged for a moment in the layer of water that covered Hipolito Yrigoyen Street. The pedestrian was not seriously injured, he quickly got up from the ground and started running towards the truck, which ran away.

A similar situation was already observed in the same party south of GBA last week when the storms started over AMBA. It happened in Gurley and was also recorded by a passerby.

“I spoke to him because I tried to get him to slow down because there were waves and the water was coming into the neighbors house. But this man didn't listen to me, he smiled and sped up,” says victim Mariel. that episode. That time, a group of people ran up to the driver and started hitting him, but other witnesses dissuaded them.

With a new storm in Buenos Aires this Tuesday and Wednesday, Avellaneda was once again one of the cities hardest hit by the rains, which led to burst roofs and water tanks, closed streets and flooded neighborhoods.

Earlier, another neighbor expressed his anger about the condition of the drainage system, which, according to him, did not allow the water to drain and, therefore, liquid from rainfall accumulated on the street. The moment was captured by the mobile phone from the TN signal, which showed how the man violently threw the bicycle, which he received from the mayor Jorge Ferraresi.

“Ferraresi, the bike is there… They are stupid,” shouted the man who demanded a job from the head of the utility.

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