Is Moa House a Target of Speculation? Tree Divided and Sold to 130 People (2024.03.20/News Desk/MBC) – MBCNEWS

  1. The tree was divided and sold to 130 people… Is Moa House a target of speculation? (2024.03.20/News Desk/MBC)MBCNEWS:
  2. The city of Seoul promotes the “individual preservation” of old low-rise buildings that are difficult to rebuildKyungyang Shinmun
  3. Looking at the Motown Conflict (Barry Journalist Chef)nate news:
  4. Seoul Metropolitan Government Supports Individual Conservation of 'Multi-House and Multi-Generation Households'… 'Human Town 2.0' is in full swingnews
  5. Support for Individual Preservation of Old Low-Rise Houses… Seoul City Promotes 'Human Town 2.0'Unique news

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