Jaime Duran Barba: “Macri’s Declining Ambitions Depress Me”

"Macri suffers the fate of a politician who pursues lower and lower goals,” says Jaime Duran Barba (Gustavo Gavotti).
“Macri suffers the fate of a politician who aims lower and lower,” says Jaime Duran Barba (Gustavo Gavotti).

Political consultant of Ecuador. Jaime Duran Barbacriticized the former president today Mauricio Macriwhom he advised in the 2015 campaign to his electoral victory and advised him to take a “less risky, less confrontational and more respectful position”.

Macri is aiming lower and lower, it makes me sad“The political communication strategist lamented while analyzing The current role of the founder of PRO returned to the chair of the Yellow Party. Surprised by the movements that the former president has been carrying out for some time, Duran Barba praised his leadership of the Casa Rosada and said that “he was a president who did more important things than he thought.” In contrast, he scolded him for his interference in the current political context. “I really don't understand what Mauricio is doing.”

An experienced analyst weighed in on a possible merger Freedom Advances (LLA) you Pronoting that there is a section of leaders aligned with Mauricio Macri that has accepted “a more right-wing thesis“and”inevitably going to melt downWith the liberal group. On the contrary, he saw an internal fracture caused by ideological differences with Millais. “There is a more left-of-center PRO sector that is going to form some kind of progressive structure,” he said in his announcements. CNN Radio.

In recent years, Duran Barba stayed away from Macrismo and its current evolution. Since then, he is extremely critical of the adopted course and states that, despite the coincidences, he considers “impossible” a stable alliance between liberals and PRO. “Miley will never submit to Mauricio Macri”He said days ago, right after the first three months of LLA's administration. “It is impossible for you to cage a Siberian tiger and a capybara to live.. In any case, they will kill themselves, there is no way. Mauricio is a very strong man, he always wants to be obeyed, and Miley will never obey Mauricio. Miley doesn't even obey herself,” he said about the two political leaders.

James Duran Barba and Mauricio Macri in a photo years ago
James Duran Barba and Mauricio Macri in a photo years ago

According to the Ecuadorian's vision, Javier Mille's victory and the direction of his administration bring ““big mess” what? “It surprised everyone“. He considers him to be original and different from traditional politicians, which allowed him to attract public attention. “Miley's imaginative communication has allowed her to maintain enormous popularity despite the harshness of her moves,” he stressed.

However, Duran Barba pointed out that several months had passed since the pro-liberation government and “they failed to make serious reforms”, which implies a change in regulatory and legal frameworks. “Miley's success so far isn't so much about adjustments or government policy,” he stressed, and stated that “adjustments are something you have to know how to explain to make them work.”

When asked about the direction of the economy, the consultant expressed his doubts about the effectiveness of the adopted measures and stated that “the wisdom of the world is gradualism”. “Argentine's reforms do not consist of conforming to the superiority of economists,” he said, and warned that any process of change in Argentina “cannot last less than 4 or 5 years.” “It has to be gradual,” he insisted. He did not accept the comparison with the political project promoted by the president of the Caribbean basin. Naib Bukele. “Argentina is not such a small country Saviour. “El Salvador is a small country and its only problem is the prison,” he concluded.

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