Javier Millei had dinner at Casa Rosada with the top businessmen in the country

president Javier Miley received this afternoon Pink house businessmen A group of sixat the meeting, which was also attended by the Minister of Economy. Luis Caputo.

As it was officially reported, the meeting started at 12:30, and the presidents of the industrial union of Argentina were present from the business sector. Daniel Funes from Rioja; Construction Chamber of Argentina, Gustavo Weiss; at the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange, Adelmo Gabbi; Rural Union of Argentina, Nicolas Pino; Argentine Chamber of Commerce, Mario Greenman and the Argentine Banks Association, Javier Bolzico.


It turned out that the meeting, which “open agenda“There was already a precedent a day ago, when Caputo participated in a lunch with businessmen in B. Inter-American Council of Trade and Production.

There, the head of the Treasury guaranteed that “We will remove the state's leg from businessmen, as it will guarantee the sustainability of growth, which will translate into a fiscal surplus. And after that comes the tax cuts. We are not so far away. “It's something that could happen next year.”

Caputo assured that “We are not going to deviate from this course. Sustainability is here to stay. For example, the monetary base was reduced by 38%. “Things are calm in the market, because pesos will be less in a short time.”

What business people said when they left the meeting with Javier Mille

at the end of the meeting Javier Mileysome representatives business chambers They presented their analysis regarding the meeting president. Within that framework, Daniel Funes from Rioja, president of Industrial Union of Argentina (UIA) He admitted that “we were very interested in this dialogue with the president so that he would know our position support for macroeconomic stabilization and then be able to point out the issues that imply going into the medium term normalization and growth of the economy“.

“The president made an analytical table about all the cases of how the government was accepted, what steps are being taken and were making efforts both domestically and internationallyHe added and said that we agreed that the dialogue has been positive and important. I hope that it will be the first step in the sequence of possible dialogues,” he admitted that they had been discussed consumption reduction“It's also taken into account by the president, who has the title to speed up the times so that this is a short V.”

In turn, Mario Greenmanstarting Argentine Chamber of Commercedescribed that “they were two hours of extremely quiet meeting where we do not leave a topic unaddressed and find a integrated and dedicated person what you want to do From us A group of sixWe fully support the measures needed to make structural changes and have a normal and competitive country. The president knows what times he will accept and what moments he is going to make decisions. We accompany this leadership,” he said.

In turn, the President of the Council of Ministers Rural Society, Nicholas Pinaultemphasized that “we take away the interpretation that as the numbers get more favorable and the deficit becomes 0 and lasts over time, We're going to start talking about tax deductions that include deductions“There was talk of adjustments, but, according to the president, a virtuous circle will be sought between the state and the part of the bank and the stock exchange,” he answered the journalist's question.

Miley met with Paraguayan President Santiago Peña

president Javier Miley had a meeting with his partner Paraguay, Santiago Peñaat the Casa Rosada and then hosted Group 6 businessmen to share lunch.

The meeting of the two governors took place at 11 am, it is not the first time that both of them meet. On February 14, Miley received Peña at the Casa Rosada, where they discussed the waterway, among other things. Parana-Paraguay – the river corridor connecting Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay, the binational Yakireta Dam and the Southern Common Market (Mercosur).

In addition, negotiations on a trade agreement between Mercosur (a mechanism made up of Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and recently Bolivia) and the European Union (EU) were on the agenda.

javier milei santiago rock paraguay.jpg

This will be the Paraguayan president's third visit to Buenos Aires since Millay came to power, whose inauguration Peña participated in last December.

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