Jensen Huang’s philosophy encapsulated in Nvidia’s headquarters building, six times the size of a football field

An interior view of the Voyager building of Nvidia's headquarters in Santa Clara, California, USA. It is characterized by a wide open interior of the building to emphasize openness and collaboration. /nvidia:

19th (local time) at 16:00 at Nvidia headquarters in Santa Clara, California, USA. Entering Endeavour, which was first completed in 2017 in a series of twin flat spaceship-shaped buildings, it was 6.5 football fields (46,500 square meters).㎡) It was so open that one could see a vast space at a glance. Although it was a three-story building, it appeared to be one space because there were no structures blocking the floors. Employees could be seen working in office spaces throughout the building or chatting as they walked up the open stairs. An Nvidia official explained. “The structure of the building reflects CEO Jensen Huang's philosophy of deconstructing vertical structure.”

Today, NVIDIA opened up the interior of its headquarters to journalists attending its annual developer conference, GTC 2024. It is an “AI home base” where cutting-edge semiconductor research and testing takes place, making NVIDIA the world's leading artificial intelligence (AI) semiconductor company. Employees were free to sit wherever they wanted and do their work without fixed seats. This was impossible to capture on camera. Nvidia official said. “There's nothing we can do because of concerns about technology leaks.”

A “polygonal” shaped skylight can be seen on the ceiling of Nvidia's headquarters building. /Silicon Valley=Aurora Reporter

There were triangular holes in the ceiling of the pure white Nvidia office building and sunlight was shining through them. This is to save energy and heating energy in the building using solar energy. NVIDIA's own artificial intelligence was used to calculate where and how many lights would be most effective. The explanation is that the reason the spotlight is a triangle is because it symbolizes the shape of a “polygon”, the basic unit of 3D (three-dimensional) graphics. NVIDIA, which grew into a major technology company by introducing graphics processing units (GPUs) to the world for the first time, is known for its strong love of triangles.

On the second floor of the garden, leading to Voyager, a new building due to be completed on Endeavor in 2022, there was a large wooden lounge that resembled a bird's nest. There was also a picnic area below that where you could barbecue. NVIDIA employees can bring their families to the office building and take advantage of the company's facilities at any time.

NVIDIA headquarters seen from the outside of the building./Silicon Valley = Correspondent Aurora

In the center of the second floor of the four-story Voyager building was a “performance hall” equipped with a large monitor and a stage. According to Nvidia, CEO Hwang takes time every quarter to talk to employees. This is CEO Hwang's iron rule that “communication is the most important”. If you include the employees sitting on the 3rd and 4th floors, more than 1000 people can communicate at once. Jenny Lee, who works at NVIDIA, said: “The quarterly talks have a concert atmosphere,” he added. “If CEO Hwang has time, he can communicate for 4 to 5 hours.”

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