Juan Grabois indicted for suspected fraud in developing two neighborhoods

Juan Grabois (Gaston Taylor)

The federal prosecutor Guillermo Marijuana the social leader was charged today Juan Grabois For alleged fraud against the nation state while building houses in Luján, Buenos Aires. Six more people were charged, including the former Minister of Social Development of the Nation. Juan Zabaleta and the mayor of Lujan, Leonardo Boto.

Judicial sources informed Infobae: that the complaint investigated the destination of 1,250 million pesos for the construction of two new neighborhoods, “Los Laureles” and “Colonia Montes de Oca”, which will not be completed. The accusation implies the initiation of a criminal case to confirm or disconfirm the reported facts. For this, the prosecutor Marijuana requested a number of test means.

The appeal was submitted by the Prosecutor General to the Federal Oral Court of Mar del Plata. Juan Manuel Pettigiani, in which it was stated that the journalistic program reported on the alleged violations in the construction of these neighborhoods through the Social-Urban Integration Fund (FISU) of the Ministry of Social Development. In particular, on December 12, 2021, the then minister Zabaleta signed an agreement on 2021. Fernanda MinhoThe person in charge of the Secretariat of Social-Urban Integration, and Boto, the mayor of those districts.

However, the work would not be carried out mainly in the Los Laureles district. The petitioner stated that after the signing of the agreement, the Consultative Council of the Municipality of Luján intervened and in June 2022 approved the disposal of land for the creation of 850 lots in the districts of Torres and Los Laureles, and then the mayor called: applications. for its public development with a total budget of $603,971,362.07. The awarded company was “News Constructora SA”, of which he is the president Martin Cosentino.

“However, the complaint states that the aforementioned journalistic information will show the state of abandonment of the land, showing the presence of tall grass areas, no street layout or installation services started, and an abandoned workshop,” said Prosecutor Marijuana. this media is available.

The municipality of Lujan said that it received the national funds, but the complaint shows that one of the members of the NGO claims that the works have been paralyzed since last year.

Guillermo Marijuana (Adrian Escandar)

“On the other hand, it became known that the mayor of Lujan held various public events to hand over service lot certificates to successful residents.. Thus, on September 11 and 20, 2023, about 70 certificates of the “Los Laureles” neighborhood would be handed over to the neighbors,” added the prosecutor in his accusation, adding that the winning company received a financial advance of more than 120 million. pesos.

“Finally, the complainant explained that there may be a political connection between Mayor Leonardo Boto and UTEP leader Juan Grabois, given that the latter would make speeches at that party in Buenos Aires (promoting his book 'The Worst'),” the opinion added. adding that “Another representative of UTEP Lujan, Diego Motto, who will be the owner of the “Civic Association for Climate Change” and “Civic Association” cooperatives, was also present on the occasion. Vencedores y Vencidos, both at 1337 Rawson Street in Lujan, which would receive about 168 million pesos from FISU during the year.

“The complainant concluded that it was evident not only the lack of work carried out with the assigned funds, but also the lack of supervision of the Secretariat of Socio-Urban Integration, whose responsibility was Fernanda Migno; as well as the possible presence of political connections between Grabois, Mignot and Botto, a large number of contracts signed in the last four years – 25 for works totaling about $5,862,988,338,” he closed the fiscal.

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