KBS reports that CEO Koo Yeon-kyung, the eldest daughter of the LG family, is being investigated for allegedly acquiring shares based on undisclosed information.

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(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Jang Ha-na = Suspicions have been raised that LG Welfare Foundation CEO Koo Yeon-kyung, daughter of the late Koo Bon-moo, former chairman of LG Group, acquired shares using undisclosed information.

Koo Yeon-kyung

(Yonhap News file photo) 2006.5.29

According to reports from the business community and KBS 20, CEO Koo recently announced his intention to donate about 30,000 shares of the bio company to the LG Welfare Foundation.

Company A is a company that develops new drugs for the treatment of rare heart diseases, and on April 19 last year, it acquired 500 won through a paid-up capital increase allocated to a third party from BRV Capital Management, a global growth investment platform. . Blue Run Ventures, an institutional investment firm based in Silicon Valley, USA. He revealed. “We have collected hundreds of millions of won.”

Company A’s share price, which was around 18,000 won per share, rose more than 16% on the day it announced its success in attracting 50 billion won in investment. Company A’s share price rose to 53,300 won in September last year and is currently in the range of 30,000-40,000 won.

According to a press release issued by Company A at the time, the person who decided to invest was Yun Gwan, Chief Investment Officer (CIO) of BRV Capital. CIO Yoon is CEO Ku’s husband.

The timing of CEO Ku’s purchase of Company A shares has not been confirmed.

However, if the purchase is made prior to the investment announcement, there may be suspicions that the stock was acquired through undisclosed information. Article 174 of the Capital Market Law prohibits the use of undisclosed material information related to the activities of a listed corporation for the sale or trading of certain securities.

“When questions were raised about whether the shares were acquired with prior information before the favorable news was announced, it was confirmed that the share was donated to the LG Welfare Foundation.”

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