Kyeong-Hyeon Kyeong, President of Samsung Electronics: “We Will Definitely Regain First Place in Semiconductor Business” – Yonhap Infomax

  1. Samsung Electronics President Kyeong-Hyeon Kyeong, “We will definitely regain the first place in the semiconductor business.”Yonhap Infomax
  2. “70,000 electrons were trapped”… Samsung Electronics shareholders have a lot of questions, is the answer of vice president Han Jong-hee.Mail Business newspaper
  3. Jonghee Han “New M&A, lots of progress… I’ll tell you soon.”Korean economy
  4. Samsung Electronics Kyehyun Gyeong-hyun. “We will regain the world’s number one position in the field of semiconductors within 2-3 years.”Unique news
  5. Samsung Electronics’ “Support and Concerns” of Shareholders Intersect… First Attempt at “Shareholder Dialogue” (General Meeting of Shareholders)Donga Ilbo

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