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The Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Health, through the Tuberculosis Division, joins the Thai Tuberculosis Association under the Royal Patronage. Together with the Institute of Chest Diseases of the Department of Health, Bangkok, and Fujifilm Company to organize the “End TB, We Can Do It” campaign on International Tuberculosis Day 2024, accelerating the search for TB patients. and latent tuberculosis to be included in the treatment process according to the standards and guidelines for tuberculosis control in Thailand. Aiming at the goals of the End TB Strategy by 2035

Today (21 March 2024) at the Tuberculosis Suppression Association, Phahoniotin, Bangkok. Central Committee Chairman Emeritus Professor Sonkkram Subcharoen Dr. TB Association of Thailand presided over the ceremony under the Royal Patronage together with TB Association Executive Committee Chairman Emeritus Professor Dr. Atta Nana. Expert doctor from Disease Control Department Director of Tuberculosis Unit Representative from the Institute of Chest Diseases Representative from the Ministry of Health Bangkok and End Tuberculosis Network partners, both in the public and private sectors Participated in the opening ceremony of the “End TB, We Can Do It” campaign at the 2024 International Tuberculosis the day.

Emeritus Professor Central Committee Chairman Sonkkram Subcharoen Dr. Chairing the Ceremony Tuberculosis Association of Thailand, chairing the Ceremony, is still an infectious disease that is a dangerous killer. More than 4,000 people will die from TB every day and about 30,000 people will get TB every day. As for Thailand, in 2023 the World Health Organization estimated: There are 111,000 new cases of tuberculosis annually and more than 12,000 deaths annually, which are very high numbers. Although this disease can be prevented and treated

Emeritus Professor Dr. Songkhram continued on behalf of the Thai Tuberculosis Association under Royal Patronage. have always been aware of this problem and continued the work of eradicating tuberculosis at His Majesty's request. His Majesty King Mahiladhibet Adulyadej Vikrom Praboromrajchanok in the TB Mission Supporting collaboration with medical and public health officials. and other organizations with similar objectives for the treatment, control, prevention and eradication of tuberculosis. There are established procedures by the Thai Tuberculosis Association under the Royal Patronage. 1) Promotion and support of diagnostic work. and treatment of tuberculosis patients 2) Cooperate in matters of public health, prevention and control of tuberculosis 3) Cooperate in research on tuberculosis; and disseminate TB knowledge to various multidisciplinary groups; which will benefit the people and the country

Executive Chairman of the Royal Patronage Association for the Control of Tuberculosis of Thailand, Professor Emeritus Dr Att Nana, said that every year March 24 is World Tuberculosis Day (World Tuberculosis Day). World Health Organization and International Federation of Tuberculosis Organizations. Lung diseases and related organizations Let's help together in the fight against tuberculosis. and to remind people around the world to be aware that tuberculosis is still spreading around the world, and every year the Tuberculosis Association and the Tuberculosis Unit, Department of Disease Control, Institute of Chest Diseases, Department of Health, Bangkok, Institute of Chest Diseases, 2024 by the Tuberculosis Association and the Tuberculosis Department. and Fujifilm jointly organized the “End TB We Can Do It” campaign on International Tuberculosis Day 21 March 2024 at Prasarnmith Hospital, Tuberculosis Prevention Association, Phahon Yothin Road, Bangkok, with X-ray service activities. with mobile digital x-ray machine and ultra-mobile Microbial level (Xpert MTB/RIF analysis) various health checks including lung function tests Measure body mass index (BMI), measure blood pressure and provide knowledge about tuberculosis to people at risk. and concerned citizens

Dr. Flynn Kamonwan, a qualified physician from the Department of Disease Control. and the vice president of the Association for the Control of Tuberculosis said that although the world's medical and public health communities have made efforts to fight against tuberculosis, with strict control of the epidemic, it seems that it still cannot achieve its goals. Since TB patients do not have access to adequate screening and treatment, it is therefore important to speed up the detection of TB patients so that they can receive treatment. Therefore, it is considered an important remedy used to combat the problem of tuberculosis in Thailand. Emphasizing continued proactive screening in all risk groups. Through a chest X-ray for initial screening. If abnormalities are found that are suspected to be the cause of tuberculosis, it will be sent for a saliva test to confirm the results. Nowadays, with innovation and advanced medical technology, it was therefore invented as a more effective screening device and tool. FDR Including providing comfort to at-risk groups. Working with an AI processing system, it responds to the needs of a proactive patient screening system. Helps reduce screening time and facilitate and increase the effectiveness of TB screening.

Director of the Tuberculosis Department, Dr. Kreizorn Thotapthieng, gave closing remarks. The Ministry of Health, Department of Disease Control, through the Tuberculosis Division, is the focal point for strategic action towards the goal of eliminating tuberculosis in Thailand. Sustainable development goals. SDGs) by 2030, which is aligned with the final TB strategy in 2035, which will focus on 5 key strategies: 1) speed up the search and diagnosis. TB patients and drug-resistant TB patients 2) improve the care of TB patients and drug-resistant TB patients, 3) accelerate the diagnosis and treatment of latent TB, 4) strengthen the TB action support system, and 5) promote TB research and innovation We can do it all. bring hope and build on success However, the incidence of tuberculosis in Thailand has not decreased at all. Therefore, in order to end the problem of tuberculosis in the country in accordance with the objective of the National TB Control Program, We are network partners Agencies in every sector, at every level, both within the Ministry of Health, agencies outside the Ministry of Health, various academic sectors, private organizations, as well as the general public. including the media We must cooperate in every way. To end TB What will lead to the ultimate goal (Vision) of a TB-free Thailand for a TB-free Thailand? For a Tuberculosis Free World Next, people can ask for more information from the Ministry of Health's Tuberculosis Unit, Department of Disease Control, call 0 2212 2279, the Facebook page of the Tuberculosis Unit or the Department of Disease Control's hotline, call 1422.


Information from the Division of Tuberculosis/Office of Risk Communication, Department of Disease Control

March 21, 2024

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