Malaysia is preparing to appoint His Majesty the King as Honorary Police Commander RYT9:

The Malaysian government plans to appoint King Ibrahim Iskandar as an honorary police commissioner. It is a new position that could give Sultan Ibrahim more power in Malaysia.

Malaysia's Ministry of Home Affairs requires parliamentary approval. Establish the position of Honorary Commissioner of Police Sultan Ibrahim. which is part of the proposed amendments to the Police (Amendment) Act 2024

Lawmakers are preparing to debate and vote on the bill. Until the end of the current parliamentary session, on March 27.

Bloomberg news agency reports this. This decision is another sign of the growing influence of the Malaysian monarchy. Although it originally served mainly for ceremonies, but nowadays the king plays an increasingly important role in playing an important role in the country. The last three prime ministers held office for an average of less than 2 years.

Sultan Ibrahim of the southern Malaysian state of Johor was crowned the country's new king on January 31, succeeding His Majesty King Al-Sultan Abdullah. After reigning for 5 years

Although the king is largely considered above politics. But Sultan Ibrahim was known for his honesty and sincerity. He often expresses his opinion about the country's political problems.

Before ascending to the throne, King Ibrahim said he intended to push ahead with plans to revive the high-speed rail project between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. suppress corruption and is responsible for checking the government's work. This is in contrast to most kings of the past, who refrained from involvement in politics and the media.

Malaysia is a parliamentary democracy. With His Majesty the King as head of state, and in this unique system of government, the King is elected by members of the royal families of the nine provinces to reign for a term of no more than five years.

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