‘NCSoft Announces Reorganization: Kim Taek-jin and Park Byeong-moo Step Up as Co-Representatives’

  1. NCSoft Reorganization Notice…Kim Taekjin and Park Byong Moo Give 'Full Power' to Co-RepresentativesMiner
  2. “The game industry is under extreme tension”… Kim Taekjin sharpens his sword for “National Assembly Reforms”.Korean economy
  3. NCSoft, the first “two top system” in 27 years… Successive head changes in game companiesDonga Ilbo
  4. NC, poor performance. protects the baseball team even when the stock price falls… Why did you decide not to sell the baseball team?Chosun Ilbo
  5. Taek Jin-hyung “Meeting the world's big tech this week”… Where will Amazon's next partner (comprehensive) be?per day

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