New method of treatment developed by Erlangen researchers can prevent rheumatism before it occurs

Approximately 20 million people According to the German Society of Rheumatology, there are in Germany rheumatic disease influence “Rheumatism” diagnosis characterizes “diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Inflammatory diseases of connective tissue (collagenosis) and blood vessels (vasculitis), as well as other rare diseases. inflammatory diseases on the immune system,” writes the German Society of Rheumatology. Erlangen Researcher are now working on the concept of improving treatment and can respond earlier.

rheumatism can appear in many forms. Two main groups can be distinguished: One Arthritis The immune system causes inflammation in different joints, while in one arthrosis Complaints arise due to signs of joint wear.

Scientists at the University of Erlangen are testing a new treatment for rheumatism

They are rheumatic diseases is not curable, but treatable. In addition to medication, exercise is an important factor in treatment. physical therapy, exercise and sports relieve symptoms. Diet can also play a role. the researchers of Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen (FAU) have now People who have a very high risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis special method be treated to die rheumatoid arthritis is the worst form of rheumatism and mainly affects women – and at every age. It is treated when joint swelling occurs, writes The FFA in the press release.

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Now a group of FFA researchers… something completely new examined. Scientists have one special method developed to prevent disease. results “groundbreaking studywere published in the “famous journal” The Lancet.

Early detection and early treatment are important in rheumatoid arthritis. Research from the Medical Clinic 3/Rheumatology and Immunology at the German Immunotherapy Center (DZI) of the FAU University Hospital Erlangen has now shown that the development of the disease can be inhibited if a specific treatment that stimulates misdirected immunity is used. the system is regulated.

New opportunities in rheumatism therapy. disease prevention

Doctors use one trickIt is already present in the blood of people before the onset of the disease specific antibodies find one that targets modified proteins, so-called citrullinated proteins, CCP. This antibody is not usually found in healthy people. People with CCP also have an increased risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis.

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“In this study, which included eleven centers in Germany and three centers abroad, we treated people with CCP with the immunosuppressive drug abatacept for six months, then stopped the treatment. In the course of people who have had Abatacept were treated, were much less likely to have rheumatoid arthritis than those who were treated Placebo Two of the study's authors, Dr. Jürgen Rech and Dr. Koray Tascilar, agree.

to die expressiveness This disclosure is further enhanced by this has been reinforcedthat one a second independent study the British-Dutch group featured in the same issue Lancet published also showed that treatment with abatacept inhibited the development of rheumatoid arthritis.

“This study opens up opportunities for people who test positive for antibodies against CCP in their blood tests. new opportunities to prevent the outbreak of rheumatoid arthritis,” explains the co-reporter of the German Center for Immunotherapy, prof. Dr. Georg Sheth.

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