New video shows police justified in killing thief attempting to steal mobile phone in Lugano.

New sequence of the attack on the federal police who killed the thief in Villa Lugano

Yanina Marottethe first cape of Federal police that three weeks ago he shot and killed Juan Maciel Vallejos, the alleged thief who tried to steal his mobile phone, in a sequence that started in La Matanza and ended in the INTA district Villa Lugano received a lack of merit from the judge this Thursday Karina ZukoniHead of Criminal and Correctional Court No. 15 of the City of Buenos Aires.

In parallel, a new video of the attack on the police was published.

Marot was charged with the crime murder committed by police officers. But he escaped the brief trial as he was released 24 hours after the incident, along with Zuccone, a move celebrated by the Minister of National Security. Patricia Bullrich.

“Was it him or me?”hours after the episode announced the police officers he is protecting Fernando Sotocurrently an official in the Ministry of Security with extensive experience of representing police officers involved in “shocking” cases such as those who killed a young footballer. Lucas Gonzalez or Luis Chocobar. Zucconi declared Marotte's lack of merit.

A federal police officer killed a man in Villa Lugano who stole his cell phone while he was waiting for a bus.

It is There is no evidence to proceed against the federal agent. For the magistrate, the first corporal's attitude towards the incident was “Necessary, proportionate, reasonable and not excessive”.

Marot was attacked on the morning of March 7. In his testimony, he said that the train boarded around 5:30 a.m. and got off at Madero station and followed the usual route. He bought an alfajor from the kiosk and seeing that bus lines 21 and 28 were full of passengers, he requested a car with the travel app because he was running late. That's what I was into when was attacked by thieves.

Yanina Marotte, a PFA police officer, with her lawyer

“I feel that my neck is being grabbed from behind, and I see a gun. And immediately I feel blows to the head,” said the policewoman. And he added: “I don't know at what moment they manage to throw me on the floor and the second man appears. He also had a gun and started touching me all over. He touches me all over and I was scared because my gun is in my waistband so I try not to let him touch it. He realizes this because he lifts up my shirt and shouts.He has a gun, he has a gun“”.

Marotte assured that in the middle of the attack “he felt dizzy and confused from the blows”. And then he remembered that a few meters away there is a City Police squad. “I felt I would be safe there. When I get up at the same time, he (the attacker who knocked him down) also gets up and. I see his gun in his face and I had no choice but to shoot because I was scared. Was it him or me?. In addition, there was a lot of noise and many explosions from cars and motorcycles.”

At the hearing with the prosecutor Pablo Recini, the accused was asked if he had the intention to kill. He vehemently denied it. “I get up every day to give my child the best and show him that he can do it on his own. I always give that example. It never occurred to me to go through this situation. I didn't mean to, I never intended to kill“.

That was Bulrich's note after Marote's release

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