OpenAI Executive’s Role in Sam Altman’s Resignation Unveiled

The aftermath of Sam Altman‘s temporary removal as CEO of OpenAI continues to unravel, shedding light on the internal dynamics that led to the board’s decision. New details have emerged about the pivotal role played by Mira Murati, OpenAI’s chief technology officer, in the events leading up to Altman’s ouster.

OpenAI Executive's Role in Sam Altman's Resignation Unveiled

Ms. Murati’s Private Note and Concerns

Ms. Murati reportedly penned a private note to Altman, expressing concerns about his leadership style and shared her apprehensions with the board. This communication was a significant factor contributing to the board’s decision to remove Altman from his position. Additionally, Ilya Sutskever, OpenAI’s co-founder and chief scientist, echoed similar concerns about Altman’s alleged manipulative behavior, citing instances of creating a toxic work environment.

Implications of Ms. Murati’s Actions

Ms. Murati’s actions provide insight into the challenges at the top levels of OpenAI’s leadership. Despite publicly supporting Altman’s return to the company, her interactions with the board underscore underlying issues within the organization’s leadership.

Ongoing Investigation and Expected Outcome

An ongoing investigation by the law firm WilmerHale is expected to provide further clarity on the circumstances surrounding Altman’s removal. The company anticipates announcing a new board of directors concurrently with the release of the investigation’s findings.

Strong Support for Altman’s Return

Despite the controversies, OpenAI’s senior management, including Ms. Murati during her tenure as interim CEO, unanimously advocated for Altman’s reinstatement. This support underscores Altman’s effectiveness as a leader and his willingness to address challenges and diverse perspectives.


As the investigation unfolds, OpenAI and its stakeholders navigate the aftermath of a tumultuous period marked by leadership changes and internal discord. While Altman has reclaimed his position, the repercussions of these events continue to reverberate within the organization. The forthcoming investigation findings are anticipated to provide a comprehensive understanding of the situation, paving the way for a more stable and transparent leadership structure at OpenAI.

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