Opposition Whip Unanimously Defeats Budget Bill 67 Moving Forward 100% Cobra-Free.

The “Opposition Whip” voted unanimously to repeal Budget Bill 67, confident that it would “move forward” without 100% cobras. Pakornwut says Setta's plan to topple Lung Pom, we elect the Prime Minister. etc. according to people's needs Or what exactly?

On March 22, 2024, at 11:30 in the National Assembly, Mr.Pakornwut Udompipatsakul List of MPs Progressive party Chairman of the Coordination Committee of the United Opposition Party.Whip of the opposition) the results of today's meeting noted that opposition partyIt was a unanimous decision. It was agreed that they will vote against the bill (act). Budget:Fiscal Year 2024 Expenditures

Mr. Pakornvut said that news of a vote by the coalition government to repeal the draft Budget Law, we have not heard any news about this yet. It is necessary to follow what events will happen, the chances in this agenda are unlikely. We must continue to follow it. If this happens, it means that there are cracks in the coalition government. Or there is a struggle for power, which many parties could already gossip about before. Will there be a fight for the Prime Minister's seat or not? If the news is true, it will be seen that What happened in the past regarding joining the government?

To the question about the punishment, if the members of the opposition party vote in favor of approving the draft budget, the president of the opposition said that he does not see it as a punishment. But it is considered as a common practice according to the resolutions of the opposition parties. If the resolution is not implemented, I think it is proportionate. As last time, there is a small party that did not vote according to the opposition whip. When is there a quota? We should not consider him a member of the opposition party. Because he did not follow the decision. It is normal. There was no punishment.

The journalist asked. If it happens this time, what will happen, Mr. Pakornvut said that it will happen, how many MPs are there, count the proportions? What about the punishment of that party, which will punish the MPs who do not follow the resolution of whipping the opposition. It is the problem of the parties, he is obliged to take care of all the opposition parties. Perhaps you have no right to punish anyone.

When asked how far the party has gone, if people vote to approve the 67th budget bill, will it reflect being a cobra or not? Mr. Pakornwut said: “I'm 100% sure there isn't.”

When asked if Mr. Settha Thawisin, the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, could step down and push the leader of the Phalange Pracharat Party, General Prawit Wongsuwan. Becoming Prime Minister instead, Mr Pakornvut said: “If you ask me, I ask, are you serious?” That's all I'm asking,” adding that it's better to ask the public how they felt the past 4 years. If we have a Prime Minister named General Prawit

When they repeatedly ask: But there was a chance if Mr. Setta was deposed. Mr. Pakornwood was silent for a moment. Ready to say. “Ah, here we elect the prime minister. According to the needs of the people or the needs of what exactly. I think it is a struggle for power. without the public being in the equation I think people need to realize that ultimately it is not in the best interest of the public. or the nation”

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