Peeta sees that the more we discuss the budget, the less it answers the question, pointing to the need to push for cuts. it must be cut

Council meeting to discuss the budget of the 2nd agenda. “Pita” sees that the more we discuss the budget, the more he does not answer the question, stating that the budget, which should be, will be reduced. There is a budget that should be reduced. Doing it over and over doesn’t work. Failed to confirm People losing their goodies

On March 21, 2024 at 19:39, Mr. Pita Limjaroenrat House of Representatives (MPs) List Form and Chairman of the Council of Instances of the Leader of the Forward Party Post a message via Facebook to the House of Representatives on Agenda 2 of the 2024 Fiscal Year Budget while considering the draft of the act, he said that the more we discuss, the more we see that the budget does not answer our questions more than before. Summing up, the discussion of the 2nd agenda budget, from the 2-day discussion, it can be seen that our taxes are used very randomly with budget applications that do not respond to the current state of the people. Plus many budgets I have repeatedly asked for many years. But the job did not come out.

Mr. Pita formulated the budget of various ministries and departments as follows. Ministry of Internal Affairs Will prepare a cement flood that shows signs of environmental problems. Because the structure is closed. It definitely affects river life. Plus the price is just under 500,000 baht. No need to compete to meet the conditions Before the MoD buys a frigate to acquire shipbuilding technology Instead, they buy more than 125 army helicopters or ask for money to rent charter planes and EVs. When it comes to mosquito nets, it’s a secret budget. Homeland Security Operations Command (ISOC) is difficult to audit and requires the money. Repair weapons. even though you don’t have a weapon yourself. or projects that do not meet the goals of the agency that created them

Ministry of Energy, although people have to buy electricity cheaper, it is 3 times more expensive because it has to be used to create alternative energy. where construction costs are many times more expensive than in Europe. As for the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation (Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation), the “Up-skill Re-skill development” project has become for students a way to stay away from drugs. sports has increased compared to last year. and students have morals and ethics While the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment Budget was spent for the meeting. But there is no budget for important departments like forestry and water resources department. Department of Groundwater Resources It should deal with droughts, wildfires, floods, as well as the cost of building a museum of precious wood. It is 4 times more expensive than the total construction costs.

Ministry of Digital Economy and Society Anti-Fake News Center Do not act as a fake news center But it has become a center for counter-news that harms the government. Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives Smart agriculture programs that have been done, are being done, will continue, requiring a new budget every year. But we have not seen results yet, and there is evidence of corruption from the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, which is diligently making applications, but making duplicate applications and not growing. Until the Office of the Permanent Secretary Do not cut the travel budget for the leaders themselves. But to reduce the travel budget of students going to participate in sports abroad. and instead the construction costs of school buildings

At the end, Mr. Pita also announced that “The budget is formed from state taxes. With no direction, it is incompatible with the state of the people. The budget, which should be reduced. There is a budget, which should be reduced. Plus, doing it over and over again doesn’t work. It was not possible to confirm it, causing damage to the interests of the people.”

However, Mr. Peeta also edited the message later to say “P.G. Thai football draw 1-1 with South Korea, very awesome. I would like to welcome the Thai national team.”

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