President Yoon criticizes former Moon Jae-in administration for deepening economic difficulties with wrong ideology and unprincipled populism.

President Yoon Seok-yeol directly criticized the former Moon Jae-in administration, saying: “The lack of understanding of the free market economic system and the unprincipled and populism driven by the wrong ideology have aggravated the difficulties of our economy.”

President Yoo said this during a special lecture at the 51st Trade and Industry Day ceremony held at the Yeouido 63 Convention Center in Seoul, saying:

Regarding the Moon Jae-in administration's policy of phasing out the nuclear program, he said. , the damage has been done to our industry and the entire nation.”

He also criticized. “Due to reckless populism fueled by fiscal omnipotence, 400 trillion won has increased to over 1 trillion won in just five years,” he added. “The government is generous and passes the bills to future generations.”

Meanwhile, President Yun said: “Our current labor scene is by no means a normal situation,” and “illegality is rampant in the workplace due to the ideologically-armed cartel of unions and the dual structure of the labor market.” deepens, leaving powerless unorganized workers in worse conditions. “They are leading us to this state.

President Yoon promised to improve the system, saying: “The issue of family business succession, which many of our businessmen struggle with, must be examined with a view to the survival and sustainability of the business in the global market.”

In particular, he said: “Many companies move from first generation to second and third generation, but because they are so concerned about inheritance tax, they can't even think about increasing corporate value or improving employee attitudes, let alone innovation.” He also said, “How inefficient is this?”

At the beginning of his lecture, President Yoon praised the two presidents, saying: “Just as Park Chung-hee's locomotive ran on the rails laid by Syngman Rhee, the great decisions of the two presidents laid the foundation for today's prosperity.”

At the same time, he said. “National Foundation War,” a documentary about former President Lee's life, surpassed 1.16 million viewers, saying: Syngman Rhee.”

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