President Yoon: Inheritance Tax Burden Limits Opportunity for Value Added – The Hankyoreh

  1. President Yoon, 'There is no room to increase value due to inheritance tax burden'… Significant expansion of family business inheritance deductionMiner
  2. In a direct attack on the former Moon Jae-in administration, President Yoon said: “Wrong ideology, unprincipled populism deepen economic difficulties.”MBC News
  3. (Dong-A Photo) The 51st Trade and Industry Day CeremonyDonga Ilbo
  4. Samsung's first female president Lee Young-hee and Daedeok Electronics' Shin Young-hwan receive Gold Tower Medal on Trade and Industry Day (comprehensive)Unique news
  5. 尹 “Guaranteeing corporate freedom…” We will achieve a dynamic economy led by the private sector and promoted by the government.Seoul Economic Daily

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