Samsung Display’s first dividend payment of 5.6 trillion won to Samsung Electronics

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Samsung Display pays 5 trillion won to Samsung Electronics, paying its first dividend since the company launched.

According to the Financial Supervisory Service's electronic disclosure system on the 21st, Samsung Display's cash dividend for the current period is 25,400 won per share, or a total of 6.65 trillion won.

The dividend policy was approved at the regular general meeting of shareholders of Samsung Display held on the 19th.

This is Samsung Display's first dividend payment since its 2012 issue.

Samsung Electronics owns 84.8% of the shares of Samsung Display. Based on this estimate, Samsung Electronics' dividend amount is 5.6395 trillion won.

There is commentary inside and outside the industry that Samsung Display, which has a strong cash position, is trying to support its parent company as Samsung Electronics continues to invest heavily in semiconductors.

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