Sensitive Topics on the Agenda

A surprise visit to the country Head of the CIA, William Joseph BurnsIt arrived in Buenos Aires this Wednesday afternoon, senior intelligence sources said. Clarion.

Burns was at the Casa Rosada with an agenda that included a meetingwith Chief of Staff Nicolas Posse and AFI Chief Silvestre Sivori. He was also at La Rosada Burns with Security Minister Patricia Bullrichwho gave him an overview of the situation in Argentina and, in particular, talked about the growth of organized crime in the country and narco-terrorism, against which the government is implementing a tough policy.

Another version claims that President Javier Millei will welcome him, but this has not been confirmed. It is known that there is also in the Government House Mark Stanley, United States Ambassador to Argentinaand a delegation of US officials.

CIA chief William Burns with US ambassador Mark Stanley.  Next to the diplomat is the chief of staff Nicholas PoseCIA chief William Burns with US ambassador Mark Stanley. Next to the diplomat is the chief of staff Nicholas Pose

Sources consulted said Burns first met in Sivori's office, then moved on to Casa Rosada, where they continued together, and that's where the meeting with Posey and then Bullrich began.

The United States has a strategic concern about the Chinese presence in the region, and is also interested in personally talking about the country's borders.

For this reason, a few weeks ago, a high delegation of Israeli agents was in Argentina, talking with their Argentinian counterparts about the close relations that Iran and Bolivia now maintain. As expected Clarion At the time, there was great concern over migration agreements between Tehran and La Paz that made visas in the neighboring country more flexible for Persians.

As for the United States, which has signed a historic agreement with Argentina's General Port Authority (AGP) for that country's military engineers to participate in training and cooperation programs on the Parana-Paraguay Waterway, they are concerned; China's participation in the telecommunications, 5G competition. He oversees the operations of the Chinese lunar intelligence base at Neuquen and is suspicious of any Chinese military and logistical presence in Tierra del Fuego.

Burns Ezeiza arrived from Brazil with a delegation of officials of the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States. The most influential in the world.

As he told ClarionOn April 3, the head of the Southern Command, General Laura Richardson, will arrive in the country. And at the end of February, there was another high-level visit from the USA. the secretary of state was there. Antony Blinken.

Although President Javier Millay has signaled that he wants Donald Trump to win the November presidential election, the Joe Biden administration's gestures toward the liberal have been consistent and intense. The reason for Burns' stay in Argentina and which official he will meet with is still unknown.

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