Since 1994, each president has determined the number of Executive Orders. Nestor Kirchner ranks first.

After being rejected in the Senate, it is not known whether DNU Javier Miley, which aims to deregulate the economy, will be able to pass the filter of deputies. However, the DNU's major expansion sparked heated debate over whether it was an extraordinary resource that Millais was sending, and how many of his predecessors in the presidency had issued the decree.

An Australian university faculty of law reviewed the various presidents from 1994 to the end of 2023 to find out: What was each president's use of executive orders of necessity and urgency?. The first two places in this rating are occupied by two Peronists.

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“Alberto Fernández was the second president to issue the most DNU since 1994, overall 179 DNUs awarded during his tenure, thus placing himself behind only Nestor Kirchner (who issued a total of 237 DNUs),” the report says. Together, they have issued almost half of the total DNU issued since the constitutional reforms came into force. It should be noted here that during Fernandez's presidency in various DNUs in connection with the epidemic of Covid-19.

Universidad Austral's Faculty of Law has prepared a report on the decrees used by each president since the 1994 reforms (Photo: Universidad Austral)

As the presentation highlights, “2020 was the year President Alberto Fernandez issued the largest number of DNUs (77 DNUs in total), with an average of 6.4 DNUs per month.” And not a small detail. “During the first 100 days of their administration, Alberto Fernandez and Javier Millei dictated exactly. the same number of DNUs, totaling 15″.

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“Between August 24, 1994 and December 10, 2023, the day President Alberto Fernandez's presidential term ended, a total of 880 (eight hundred and eighty) DNUs were issued. If this total amount is divided by a little more than 29 years since the constitutional reforms, the approximate annual average is 30 DNU per year,” the document states.

Third on the list of presidents who have used decrees the most is Eduardo Duhalde, with 152 in one year of government. Although he has the highest monthly average, his presidency saw one of the country's biggest economic crises, dictating andIn 2002, a total of 106 decrees were adopted.

An Australian university report clarifies that Eduardo Duhalde has the highest average of decrees, but he ruled during the worst crisis in the country's history. (Photo: Australian University)

In fourth place is Carlos Menem, who between August 1994 and December 1999 issued 101 orders. Then it follows Christina Kirchner, 81although in this case it was during his 8 years in office, from December 2007 to 2015. He is succeeded by his successor, Mauricio Macri with 71 decrees part time until 2019

The last two places on the list are two special cases. Fernando De la Rua, with his mid-term decree 53 from December 1999 to the same month of 2001, when he resigned as president and left the Casa Rosada by helicopter. Finally, Adolfo Rodríguez Saa used 6 DNUs in just one week after taking over as an emergency, before the transitional presidency of Eduardo Duhalde.

As for the number of annual executive orders, the study notes, “it should be noted that while Christina Kirchner has the lowest monthly average, there were years in her two presidential terms when . had majorities in both houses of Congressin addition to the fact that, for example, he issued twice as many delegated decrees as Macri.”

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