Stocks Opening, Low Inflation, and Currency Basket: Miley Reveals Business Schedule.

president Javier Miley met with representatives for more than two hours G6:as the most representative business conglomerate of the republic is known, and He gave them a detailed overview of what he intends to do under his leadership.

Beyond the concepts that Milley has been working on for some time now, he dropped a few important points about what's to come during this meeting.

For example, that the decision was made that way “during the second semester” Reserves would be opened, which would be the first major step in the economic reforms that would begin to be considered, always according to the official plan.

Then come the tax cuts, which may look stronger from 2025, according to official estimates, and In the middle will be the idea of ​​investing in a basket of currencies, a concept that seems to be winning the battle against dollarization.

Representatives of the industrial union of Argentina participated (Daniel Funes from Rioja); Construction Chamber of Argentina ( Gustavo Weiss); on the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange (Adelmo Gabbi)From a rural company in Argentina (Nichols Pino); Chamber of Commerce (Mario Greenman)and Argentine Banks Association (Adeba), Jorge Brito.

It inflationIt was certainly one of the topics discussed, especially after the businessmen put their concern over the recession and the sales slump they faced.

Miley said she was not unaware of the situation and, in addition to insisting that she was “fully aware” of what was happening, she analyzed that it was related; “The situation we knew we had to go through”.

In this respect, the official perspective testifies to this Single-digit inflation could be reached in May, though in the meantime, especially between March and April, depending on what's in store, times will continue to be tough. “It took Cavallo 20 months to reach one digit, it will take us less,” the president said.

“Miley made it clear that they probably would the two most difficult months of the year,” one of the G6 members told El Cronista.

Milei even points to 2024 “as a kind of transition year,” which will allow the panorama to differ from 2025 onwards.

Under this scheme, and despite the apparent lack of support in Congress, The president told the businessmen that he has “about 6,000 banknotes” in his portfolio., which will be presented “as opportunities arise”. According to him, the subject of these standards covers many areas, and even the idea eliminate about 2,000 regulations. “I don't care about political expenses,” said the president.

“From our side, we expressed our support and accompaniment in this transition process, in fact, we offered cooperation with technical groups as well,” said one of the businessmen. From this it was established that there will be “free access” for businessmen to meet with officials.

Is there no dollarization?

The topic that the businessmen did not touch on was that import opening that the government formed, although Milley referred to the idea remove trapssomething that will arrive in the first months of the second semester.

Meanwhile, In 2025, it will be the turn of tax cutswhich would be consistent with Miley, who spoke at the meeting, who showed herself to be “anti-tax”.

about the idea of dollarizationthe president seems to be starting to put that idea aside and move more toward implementation coin basket“so that contracts can be concluded in the currency that everyone wants”.

Correspondingly, businessmen expressed their interest to reactivate accounting in dollars and that deposits in that currency “have a more attractive incentive”. “Bring suggestions,” Miley retorted.

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