Suseo-Dongtan GTX Opens for First Time in 30 Days, One-Way Fare Up to 4,450 Won (2024.03.21/News Desk/MBC) – MBCNEWS

  1. Suseo-Dongtan GTX Opens For The First Time In 30 Days, One-Way Fare Up To “4,450 Won” (2024.03.21/News Desk/MBC)MBCNEWS:
  2. “Would office workers be excited to ride the dream train?” They say that you can ride the metro for a price.Mail Business newspaper
  3. The GTX-A Suseo-Dongtan section won 4,450… When using the K Pass, it costs about 3,000 won.Korean politics portal
  4. GTX-A will finally be unveiled for the first time on the 30th. What are the changes in Suseo Station and how to use it?Seoul in my hands
  5. Arrived after listening to five GTX “Dongtan~Suseo” songs… “It's sad to have a break between trains”Korean economy

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