Israel Plans Evacuation of Rafah Amid Growing Tensions Despite US Opposition

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has directed security officials to devise evacuation plans for Rafah, signaling a potential escalation in military operations despite objections from the Biden administration and human rights organizations. The move comes amid warnings that an invasion of the densely populated city could have devastating consequences. Netanyahu’s office outlined a comprehensive plan … Read more

Iran and Houthis Threaten US, Israel Accuses Biden: Live Updates

In the latest developments, Iran-backed Houthi rebels have issued a stern warning in response to joint U.S.-British retaliatory airstrikes. The situation escalates as the Israeli-Hamas conflict inches towards a broader regional crisis. Houthis spokesperson Ameen Hayyan emphasized that retaliatory airstrikes will not sway their support for the Palestinian people in Gaza. U.S. and British Airstrikes … Read more