Half of People Fear AI Will Empower Hackers to Launch More Attacks

Half of People Fear AI Will Empower Hackers to Launch More Attacks AI-enabled cyber attacks, Ransomware prevalence, Cybersecurity report, findings Data breach impact, GenAI-powered security attacks, Cybersecurity infrastructure readiness

A recent report has highlighted that one in two individuals (50%) harbor concerns that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will provide hackers with the means to execute more cyber attacks. This revelation comes from Barracuda Networks, a leading provider of cloud-enabled security solutions. The report further unveils alarming statistics, indicating that approximately 71% of respondents encountered a … Read more

Israel Plans Evacuation of Rafah Amid Growing Tensions Despite US Opposition

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has directed security officials to devise evacuation plans for Rafah, signaling a potential escalation in military operations despite objections from the Biden administration and human rights organizations. The move comes amid warnings that an invasion of the densely populated city could have devastating consequences. Netanyahu’s office outlined a comprehensive plan … Read more

US Supreme Court Leans Towards Rejecting Trump Disqualification: Unity Concerns Take Center Stage

US Supreme Court Leans Towards Rejecting Trump Disqualification: Unity Concerns Take Center Stage

In a pivotal session, the US Supreme Court appeared poised to dismiss Colorado’s move to disqualify Donald Trump from the 2024 presidential race over insurrection allegations. The justices, spanning the ideological spectrum, expressed deep reservations about allowing states to wield such power, fearing it could fuel division and chaos across the nation. Content: WASHINGTON: The … Read more

EAST CONFLICT LIVE UPDATES: Iran-Backed Houthis Target Greek and British Cargo Ships in Red Sea

EAST CONFLICT LIVE UPDATES: Iran-backed Houthi militants in Yemen launched six ballistic missiles at two cargo ships in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden, resulting in minor damage to one vessel. The Greek-owned bulk carrier was struck by three projectiles, while a British-owned cargo ship was targeted earlier in the day. USS Laboon’s Intercept … Read more

EAST CONFLICT LIVE UPDATES: Houthis Claim Attacks on British and US Ships in Red Sea, Casting Doubt on Effectiveness of US-UK Strikes

EAST CONFLICT LIVE UPDATES The Houthis have asserted responsibility for targeting a British and a US ship in the Red Sea, raising questions about the impact of recent US-UK strikes on Houthi missile sites in Yemen. Despite minimal damage to the ships, the incident highlights heightened risks for commercial vessels, potentially leading to increased insurance … Read more

Elon Musk Accuses President Biden of Allowing Influx of Illegal Migrants for Political Gain

Elon Musk, the Tesla CEO and renowned entrepreneur, has intensified his criticism of President Joe Biden, alleging that Biden is intentionally permitting the surge of illegal migrants into the United States to secure a lasting political majority. Musk’s controversial remarks, shared on X (formerly Twitter), the platform he acquired nearly a year ago, have ignited … Read more

Israel Conducts Raid on Hamas Training Outpost Linked to Oct. 7 Attack

In a recent military operation in southern Gaza, Israel uncovered a headquarters belonging to the Khan Yunes Brigade, including the office of Mohammed Sinwar, brother of Hamas political leader Yahya Sinwar. The Alqadsia outpost served as a training facility for militants responsible for the October 7 attack on Israeli border communities, as revealed by the … Read more

Iran and Houthis Threaten US, Israel Accuses Biden: Live Updates

In the latest developments, Iran-backed Houthi rebels have issued a stern warning in response to joint U.S.-British retaliatory airstrikes. The situation escalates as the Israeli-Hamas conflict inches towards a broader regional crisis. Houthis spokesperson Ameen Hayyan emphasized that retaliatory airstrikes will not sway their support for the Palestinian people in Gaza. U.S. and British Airstrikes … Read more