Tangerines 32%, Cabbage 26%, Rockfish 58% Increase… When will the prices be confirmed? – The Hankyoreh

  1. Mandarins 32%, cabbage 26%, rockfish 58%↑… When will the prices be set?Miner
  2. Producer prices have increased for 3 months… Mandarins 32% · Cabbage 26% ↑SBS News
  3. In February, the producer price index increased for three consecutive months, with agricultural products increasing by 2.6% and marine products by 2.1%.business position
  4. Mandarins 32%, cabbage 26% “jump”… Producer prices rise for three months in a rowDonga Ilbo
  5. 'Golden tangerines' tangerines… government expands price support for farm produce delivery (Kwon Young Hoon Stock Market News PICK)Korea Economy TV

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