Thanakorn thanks MPs for gradually voting to pass the second budget bill, with almost all sections completed. I think Agenda 3 went smoothly and will be implemented in April – Online Manager

  1. Thanakorn thanks the MPs for gradually voting to pass the Budget Act in the second term, almost all sections are completed. I believe Agenda 3 has passed and can be used in manager
  2. The meeting is closed. The House debates the 2024 Budget Bill, Agenda 2, under Section 27 tomorrow.Tairat
  3. Moving forward, cutting 69 million for the anti-fake news project | Show this morning's news March 22. '24:PPTVHD36
  4. Moving forward, dragging 4 problems, the “firefighting helicopter” is very expensive for the Ministry of Defense, it covers the budget of 1968, it is going to buy 2 more planes.Bangkok Turakit
  5. Lampang MP advises to reduce the budget for buying water supply trucks. Instead, it was handed over to local administrative organizations to take care of instead, which Faradon explained was necessary because he had to help with the drought.Matthias

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