The Appeals Court confirmed the convictions of the rugby players involved in the killing of Fernando Baez Sosa.

This Friday, Chamber 2 of the Buenos Aires Criminal Court of Cassation put an end to the defense's rebuttals and arguments, affirming: codes for eight rugby players responsible for the cruelty murder from Fernando Baez Sosa, took place four years ago in the spa town Villa Gesell.

Maximo Thomsen (24), Ciro Pertossi (23), Enzo Comelli (23), Mattias Benicelli (24) and Luciano Pertossi (22) were sentenced to life imprisonment by the 1 oral criminal court in Dolores. Meanwhile, Blas Sinalli (22), Ayrton Violaz (24) and Lucas Pertosi (24) were sentenced to 15 years in prison as “secondary participants” in the double murder.

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