The body of a teenager found swimming in the middle of a storm in Jose Leon Suarez.

the body of Brian ChavezThe 17-year-old who jumped into the Jose Ingenieros Canal in Jose Leon Suarez to swim in the middle of Wednesday's storm, was found dead this morning by divers from the Buenos Aires State Police 200 meters from where he was seen the boy for the last time.

The discovery was confirmed by Hurlingham Fire Chief Commander Gustavo Calveiro, who explained that the body was about two meters deep.

We can confirm that we have recovered the body so that the family can say a proper goodbye to him,” Calveiro said.

The search for Chavez started on Wednesday afternoon, but had to be stopped due to bad weather. The regional director of civil defense warned that LThe search was due to resume this morning take care of the health of rescuers.

The 17-year-old boy jumped into the Jose Ingenieros Canal in the Lanzón district of the San Martín district with two friends. His two companions were found alive, but nothing was heard from him after entering the water.

“As a joke, he jumped with other friends and at one point they were close to getting him out, but he went down and they never saw him again,” the missing young man's stepfather, Martín, told Crónica TV. they were broadcasting the event.

The minor was with two friends and decided to swim when the water rose. At that moment he was bare chested and wearing dark Chacarita Juniors shorts.

When the teen's mother found out, she called 911 and San Martin's Fifth Precinct police went there, who then notified the Fire Department and Civil Defense to intensify the search with rubber tires, kayaks and boats.

Finally, Brian's lifeless body was found this morning after 8 a.m. about 200 meters from where he was last seen, a moment caught on security camera.

The teenager's body was sent to the San Martín Forensic Mortuary for a proper autopsy. Prosecutor Marcela Costa, from the Department of Operational Instruction No. 6 of the Judicial Department of San Martín, is intervening in the case.

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