The body of a teenager who had thrown himself into a stream in San Martin was found

Stream where Brian Chavez fell

This is the stream where the 17-year-old teenager disappeared. (Video: TN)

They found the body Brian Chavez, A 17-year-old teenager who went swimming in the San Martín stream in the middle of the storm that happened in the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area (AMBA) on Wednesday morning.

The discovery took place after 8am this Thursday and 200 meters from where he was last seen. The Buenos Aires Ministry of Security has confirmed that the body of the young man is two meters deep.

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The Buenos Aires police from the special risk group led the special operation that was carried out and found the lifeless body of a 17-year-old boy. after more than 15 hours of searching.

The search for Chavez started on Wednesday afternoon, but had to be stopped due to bad weather conditions. The state director of civil defense warned that the search It was supposed to be suspended until this Thursday morning take care of the health of rescuers.

The rakes They were stopped overnight and resumed after 7am this morningin rowboats that claimed the stream upstream in the direction where Brian had disappeared.

Brian Chavez went swimming in the Jose Ingenieros stream in San Martín, Buenos Aires, and L.The current of the water took him away. The resident of the neighborhood managed to capture the moment when he and two friends entered the water to play.

They are looking for the 17-year-old boy who jumped into the stream and disappeared. (Photo: TN Capture)

The images show how the three youngsters were playing in the water when Brian Chavez was dragged away by the current. The other two youths managed to get out of the water and were able to hold on to the structure. that was in the middle of the stream.

It was the mother of the minor who called 911 and told the officers of the San Martin 5th Police Station how her son was dressed. At the time of his disappearance, he was bare-chested and wearing black shorts from the Chacarita Júniors club..

The search for another minor in Brandsen continues

Along with the discovery of Brian Chavez. As of 6:30 a.m. this Thursday, the search resumed the other 15-year-old boy who disappeared after jumping into the Sambormbon Chico River in the Buenos Aires district. Colonel Brandsen.

The search focuses on the neighborhood Acacias, where the minor was thrown into the riverbed during Wednesday's storms. The operation, conducted by Colonel Brandsen firefighters, civil defense personnel, police and Chascomús firefighters, is carried out by water or land.

Read also: Video. this is the stream where 17-year-old Brian Chavez, who went missing in San Martin, fell.

Fabian García, Director of Civil Defense of Buenos Aires Province, stated that the minor was carrying out “swimming, which is very dangerous in these weather conditions.

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