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Defeat the rumours. British Media Releases Photos 'Princess Kate' Appears After Rumors Arise Health Issues Cheating Husband

After Kate, Princess of Wales, disappeared for several weeks following surgery in January, there were various rumors about both her health and Prince William's infidelity. which is His Majesty

And in the event that Princess Kate edits the photos taken with her son and daughter on Mother's Day. It makes these rumors even hotter. Recently, the British media published a video where Princess Kate appeared in public for the first time. Among various conversations

The Sun, a British newspaper published a video featuring Princess Kate and Prince William of Wales. At midnight UK time on Monday According to The Sun, the video was taken on Saturday (March 16) and shows Princess Kate shopping for bags and walking alongside Prince William. With a smiling face and comfortable casual clothes at the Farm Products Store near his residence in Windsor.

Meanwhile, The Sun also reported that Princess Kate appeared relaxed and healthy in the video. Kensington Palace did not comment. about the video and refused to comment on his personal problems.

After the release of the video of Princess Kate, many Londoners were happy and relieved to see Princess Kate back in public. With a healthy and strong looking appearance

However, some people consider it Although it is encouraging to see Princess Kate in good physical condition, But people should respect her privacy. while some said News agencies should cover news important to the country, such as the wars in Ukraine or the Gaza Strip. More than news that violates her majesty's privacy.

In addition to pictures of Princess Kate appearing with Prince William, the latest Prince William stepped out to perform royal duties amid rumors that the royal family is facing serious problems.

Prince William is doing royal duty by denying the rumours.

Yesterday Prince William of Wales visited the “Homeward” homeless project in Sheffield. North of England The project is one Her Majesty launched in July last year. It aims to tackle homelessness in the UK.

During his visit to this project, Prince William talks to people about their experiences of homelessness. and discuss the causes and solutions to this problem. including the results of such projects

The project during his visit, however, Prince William also spoke about his wife, Princess Kate. He wanted his wife to be here with him.

Prince William is stepping out this time to perform his royal duties It happened after a video of Princess Kate appearing in public was released. The above-mentioned Princess Kate's appearance was the first time that people saw her in public. After surgery last January. and has hardly appeared since. Until various conversations followed.

flashback Princess Kate disappears from the media

The last time Princess Kate appeared in public was on December 25 of last year. at the annual Christmas service at St Mary Magdalene Church in Sandringham, Norfolk, east England. along with Prince William, His three sons and daughters. After that day, He almost never appeared again. Before raising the question of where His Majesty has disappeared to.

Until last January 17, Kensington Palace issued a statement saying that Princess Kate had been admitted to hospital to undergo abdominal surgery. However, according to the doctor's instructions, the operation was successful. He needed to recover. and it is expected that he will not perform his royal duties until after Easter, which is March 31.

The statement did not say why Princess Kate needed abdominal surgery. However, the royal office noted that it was not related to cancer. Since then, Kensington Palace has made few announcements about Princess Kate's recovery, while she has not been seen in public since. There were no pictures or any information until the news broke online.

The first problem is Princess Kate's health. Many questioned whether the palace was hiding her true condition, at the same time Princess Kate's statement about her illness was published. It coincided with the release of a statement from Buckingham Palace regarding King Charles III's cancer diagnosis. Many considered it simpler than Princess Kate's statement. It was also reported by many media outlets that even the people closest to Princess Kate do not know about her illness.

Another issue that has been discussed online is her relationship with Prince William. Many have declared that Where Princess Kate disappeared from social networks It may be a consequence of the instability in the royal family. And it could be that Prince William is cheating on Princess Kate.

The issue of the disappearance of the Princess of Wales from social networks has become even more heated. After March 10, Kensington Palace published a photo of Princess Kate. sitting on a chair with her three sons and daughters on Mother's Day in the UK It turns out that the photographer of this photo is William, Prince of Wales.

However, a few hours after the publication of the picture. Major news agencies like Reuters and AP Delete this image from the system immediately. After the image was found to be a polished image. Because someone noticed that Princess Charlotte's left arm and Prince Louis' chest are disproportionate. Including many more questionable points

The following day, Princess Kate issued an apology via Platform X, stating: “Like many amateur photographers, I also experiment with photo editing from time to time. I would like to apologize for the confusion caused by the published family photos.”

The letter C is written at the end of the message, indicating that Princess Kate herself wrote the message. The incident prompted the AFP news agency to declare that the Royal Household Agency was no longer a reliable source of news.

Although Princess Kate has apologized for editing the family photos, But this work is not over yet. As other images released to the press by Kensington Palace have also reportedly been edited.

For example, a picture of Queen Elizabeth II posing with her royal grandchildren. The photo was taken by Kate, Princess of Wales. and published by Kensington Palace last April. It's Queen Elizabeth II's birthday. Getty Images global photo online publishing company announced that. The image is a polished image. However, no other details are mentioned.

Reuters photo editors found that eight parts of the photo were clearly edited. Kensington Palace did not comment. about such pictures

The disappearance of Princess Kate has given rise to a number of theories. Come to the online world But the most important thing is the credibility of the British royal family. Princess Kate, in particular, could damage the public's trust by editing family photos.

The Royal Journalist Says Rumors Don't Affect Confidence.

However, according to royal journalist and author Kathy Nicholl: This event will not affect His life. including trust in Her Majesty as the Princess of Wales She also believes that a bit of montage It wasn't such a serious crime that she deserved to be heavily criticized on social media.

Even today's society values ​​transparency, Nicole added. But the online world is still full of rumours. Meanwhile, the royal family should have the right to privacy. Especially in matters related to medicine.

As recently as the British Data Protection Agency came out to reveal that staff at The London Clinic, where Princess Kate underwent tummy tuck surgery, attempted to access her personal medical information. And now they are studying the facts.

British news agency The Daily Mirror also reported that managers at the London clinic are investigating claims that a hospital worker was arrested for trying to access official records. Princess Kate's doctor, Kensington Palace, issued a statement in this regard. This is the responsibility of the London Clinic.

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