The congress that will shape the future of the People’s Party Peronism convenes this Friday at Ferro microstadium

Peronist leaders from all over the country will meet again this Friday. Justice party They will meet at the Ferro microstadium, starting at 10 o'clock, to define the future of the territory in a very delicate context after the defeat in the 2023 presidential elections. Javier Miley. There, the governors and representatives of all the territories that were part of the “Unión por la Patria” must begin to decide whether there will be driving renewal of the party and, in that case, how it will be implemented. In principle, they will accept the request The license of Alberto Fernandez, the current president of PJand will form a “Political Action Committee“, from where they will come out to call for a possible “big practice” of various actors.

The current state of Peronism is about a certain orphanhood and lack of clear leadership. Christina Fernandez de Kirchner He has left the center of the scene and after leaving the post of vice-president works at the Instituto Patria, meeting with various Peronist leaders, but with a very low profile. His last intervention in the public arena was the publication of a letter on February 14 in which he criticized Millet's policies and his attempt to dollarize the economy. As this newspaper stated, the Patria Institute will start a series of negotiations and activities related to that document, so that it will be a platform for the next elections, regardless of who the candidates are.

Sergio Massa who was elected presidential candidate in the last elections, after his defeat he also left the scene and confined himself to his offices in Avenida del Libertador, finishing his book on the management of the Ministry of Economy and organizing; the foundation he heads. He has no intention of contesting territories in the PG, and, in fact, this very Friday, at the same time when the party congress will be held. will lead the Renovador Front meeting at Parque Norte.

“The FR congress must renew the party's national and provincial power and speak to Massa's assumption that new young cadres are emerging, as well as return to work with an agenda linked to middle-class issues,” they explain in the Tigrense environment. .

Political action

There is a PJ table which has already had a few meetings at the Mathew Street HQ in the lead up to the event finally taking place this Friday. It is composed of, among others, the governors of Buenos Aires, Axel Kitsiloff, and from Formosa, Gildo Insfran; the senator Edward “Vado” Peters; Member of Parliament Santiago Cafiero; Juan Manuel Olmos, advisor to former President Fernandez; party vice presidents Cristina Alvarez Rodriguez y: Lucia Korpaci; former governor of Tucuman, Juan Manzur; and the former president of the People's Party Jose Luis Gioja.

A significant portion of that list of leaders met in practice late Wednesday to finalize organizational details and plan a road map for what the convention would look like. It remains to be seen if all of the scheduled participants can attend, as the storms that have affected AMBA and other regions this week have complicated transportation and other logistical issues.

The idea of ​​PJ members is that after the congress, A political action committee by introducing all the territories that are part of the PJ today and then go looking for the Peronists outside. That is the case Guillermo Moreno, Juan Manuel Urtubay, Martin Llarora and also Miguel Angel Picheto. In response to this newspaper's question. Picheto's entourage has already announced that he does not intend to join “if La Campora does not leave”.

Some of those who participated in the previous meetings believe that after the call is expanded. an election process should be opened they will be able to vote for the new authorities by the end of the year. If necessary, they say that they will also support the holding of internal elections, so that everyone feels represented, and then they “don't have excuses” for building outside the PJ. At that point it will be necessary to see if this type of process actually occurs or if it appears in the unit list.

Not yet It's not clear which other industries are set to join after Friday's convention and will they actually do it? On the other hand, there are some who believe that this is not a time when governors and union members, among other sectors that are part of the territory, have a large budget to carry out the organization of internal elections, quite the opposite.

Others, apart from the economic one, consider that it is not appropriate for the media to focus on the prisoners of the PJ, but rather. “We must use everything together and united to resist Millais' politics”and that the measures of the Government are at the center of the case.

Governors are the ones who today have the most weight and power within Peronism. Five of them are currently part of the PJ. besides Kicillof and Insfrán there are Ricardo Quintelafrom La Rioja; Sergio Zilliottofrom La Pampa; and Raul Jalil, from Catamarca. Among them may be the future president of the People's Party of Ukraine. “I see a lot of expectations, it could be a good start”reflected the historical leader of the party.

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