The EnerGeo Alliance testified at Energy Week about the need for energy geoscience research to provide reliable and affordable energy access and meet future energy demand.

Washington, D.C., March 20, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Today, Joe Dreyer testified on behalf of the EnerGeo Alliance before the U.S. House of Representatives during what has been announced as “Energy Week,” where the House is considering six energy-related bills and resolutions. promote US energy dominance.

Dreyer highlighted the role of energy geoscience and exploration as key energy opportunities to ensure energy selectivity and security and meet future energy demand;

“Energy geology provides invaluable information about the resources beneath us that energy companies and policymakers can use to identify and prioritize high-density, low-carbon-intensive energy sources, to find where offshore wind farms are best suited to harness wind energy. , extend the life of existing natural gas and oil assets, enable subsurface carbon storage, and more. That's why at EnerGeo Alliance we proudly say, “we make energy possible.”

Noting the energy geosciences industry's long history of safe and responsible operations worldwide, Dreyer noted “the need for legislative and regulatory effectiveness to meet future energy demands.” Next, Dreyer focused on the role of geology in developing offshore energy and carbon capture and storage projects; and the integrity of the containment or sequestration environment. A viable geoscience industry is integral to achieving these lofty goals, and well-defined and effective regulatory processes are required by US and other policymakers.

“Policymakers must now prioritize the required infrastructure, including ensuring effective permitting for the geological surveys needed to identify and monitor the deposits.

territories. We strongly encourage BOEM (Bureau of Ocean Energy Management) and the current administration to align regulations that currently exist or may be developed (…) so that geoscience activities are analyzed and permitted under the same metrics.

“Geological surveys provide the information that governments and policymakers need to make informed decisions in the best interests of their citizens regarding access to mainstream energy and alternative sources, as well as developing low-carbon strategies. As countries develop and implement their energy evolution goals to bring reliable, affordable energy to their citizens and achieve the ambitions of a Net Zero Emissions (NZE) policy, it is important to understand that these goals cannot and will not be achieved without critical data and technology. the geology industry provides.

“At EnerGeo, we advocate to ensure that all policymakers and energy companies have access to reliable data and analytics to support their progress efforts.

“With the growing need for energy from all sources, many predict that the energy industry is on the cusp of an 'international boom.' Where industry invests now will influence where they access insight (data), infrastructure and supporting regulatory and policy structures,” Dreyer concluded.


About the EnerGeo Alliance

The EnerGeo Alliance, founded in 1971, is the global trade alliance for the energy geosciences industry, the intersection where earth science and energy meet. The EnerGeo Alliance and its member companies span more than 50 countries and join together to open the door to the safe discovery, development and delivery of mainstream energy, alternative energy and low-carbon energy solutions that meet the needs of our growing world. .

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