The eyes could be the first indication of this

Some may know “Griesenring”. It refers to: whitish rings around the iris in people over 50. However, this white ring represents only one harmless fatty deposits on the cornea but.

However, if this bright ring before the age of 50 you should watchful to become Then it usually shows as well high blood lipid levels, the so-called hypercholesterolemia. You should also be careful when… small yellowish nodules form on the eyelid. The so-called xanthelasmas look like cholesterol rings Signs of fat metabolism disorder. By the way, high cholesterol can also be found on the skin of the face already reported.

Elevated cholesterol can increase the risk of heart attack

The presence of cholesterol rings on the cornea may indicate a Disorder of lipid metabolism show, in particular, familial hypercholesterolemia partly genetically determined is. In this disease they are Cholesterol levels in the blood increase significantlywhat is that Risk for Vascular diseases and: Heart attack clear elevated.

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In addition, high cholesterol levels may also be due a lifestyle emerges. One Nutritionto die rich in saturated fatty acids and: Trans fatty acids is Lack of physical exercise, Excess weight and: Smoke contribute to the development of so-called acquired hypercholesterolemia.

According to experts Only a small proportion of sufferers have a familial lipid metabolism disorder. Also, knots are not necessarily due to excess weight. Even the time Thin people may have unfavorable blood lipid levels and which cause changes to the eyelids.

Clarify the reasons

It is important that Causes of cholesterol deposits in the eye examine For most patients, a clear cause cannot always be found. Often, genetic factors play a role, while in other cases, xanthelasma is caused by concomitant diseases, such as: Diabetes, pancreatitis or liver disease as alcoholic fatty liver or Liver cirrhosis can occur.

If someone notices these nodes, it is recommended to take one first to see a doctor, to find out the reason for their occurrence. Only then can you use one Treatmentwhat is this like? removal of xanthelasmas for aesthetic reasons, it should be taken into account.

If the cholesterol level rises, in most cases a… Adjustment of eating habits as well as taking the appropriate ones Medicines leads to dealing Improving blood lipid levels also: Xanthelasma regression. For example, 6 foods are said to help with high cholesterol.

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