The GTX-A Reduces Transportation Costs from Gangnam to Dongtan by 25,000 won per Month.

Metro transfer discount and 20% refund when applying K-Pass

GTX Director of Planning “High speed train three times faster than the subway… please look at the level of SRT”

Ahead of GTX-A’s opening, a public participation safety check was conducted

(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Kim Do-hoon = Citizens who participated in the public participation security inspection held on the morning of the 19th at the Metropolitan Rapid Transit (GTX)-A Station in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, explore the platform. 2024.3.21

(Sejong = Yonhap News) Reporter Lim Seong-ho = Citizens who travel daily from Gangnam in Seoul to Dongtan Hwaseong on the Suseo-Dongtan route of the Metropolitan Rapid Transit (GTX)-A, which will open on the 30th, can: save tens of thousands of won per month in traffic costs. Will be:

This is because, unlike Suseo Rapid Transit (SRT), GTX-A offers transfer discounts for subways and buses in the metropolitan area, including the Seoul Metro.

According to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport on the 21st, Mr. A (40), who currently lives in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi Province and takes the SRT train from Dongtan Station to Gangnam Station on Seoul Subway Line 2 every day, spends: at least 9,200 won on daily transportation expenses.

The Dongtan-Suseo SRT fare is 14,800 won, but if you use a commuter pass, you can get a discount of up to 6,400 won for the ride. However, since the subway transfer discount does not apply to SRT, you need to pay an additional fare of 2,800 won (one-way basic fare of 1,400 won) to travel between Suseo and Gangnam Station by subway.

(Graphic) Metropolitan Rapid Transit (GTX) routes

(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Park Young-seok = The fare for adults is set at 4,450 won when traveling between Suseo-Dongtan on the GTX-A line in the metropolitan area, which will open on the 30th. You can get GTX-A for a cheaper price by using various discount programs. Transfer discounts are also available. Twitter @yonhap_graphics Facebook

The transportation cost that Mr. A spends to and from work in April is 193,200 won, which is 9,200 won per day multiplied by 21 working days.

However, you can save on transport costs by using GTX starting in April.

The GTX-A Dongtan-Suseo one-way fare is 4,450 won, which is a base fare of 3,200 won, plus a proportional distance fee of 1,250 won.

When Mr. A gets off at Suseo Station on GTX-A and goes to Gangnam Station on Lines 3 and 2, the transportation discount is applied, so there is no additional cost.

Therefore, Mr. A’s daily travel expenses are 8,900 won, and in April he spends 186,900 won (worked 21 days). Transportation costs can be reduced by about 7,000 won compared to using SRT now.

Starting in May, Mr. A’s transportation costs will be further reduced.

This is due to the K-Pass launching in May. K-Pass is a discount service that refunds a certain percentage of the money spent if you use public transport more than 15 times a month.

If Mr. A goes to work by SRT during the month of May (based on 20 working days), he spends 175,040 won as transportation cost, including 128,000 won for SRT fare and 47,040 won for K-Pass for the metro fare.

However, if you take the GTX, you’ll be spending about 149,520 won on transportation costs, a cut of about 25,000 won. This is because Mr. A, 40 years old, received a 20% refund when using the K-Pass and used the GTX Dongtan-Suseo one-way section for 3,560 won.

Young people between the ages of 19 and 34, who get a 30% return rate with the K-Pass, can reduce transportation costs even more. The monthly transportation cost of 167,200 won when using SRT is 124,600 won, which is 42,600 won lower when using GTX.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport believes that the K-Pass will serve as a kind of “GTX-A traffic pass”. We plan to analyze the need for separate GTX-A passenger passes based on passenger trends and post-opening demand.

The running time for the one-way section between Suseo and Dongtan for the GTX-A is about 20 minutes, about 3 minutes slower than the SRT.

Lee Gyeong-seok, head of the Metropolitan Express Rail Rapid Opening Planning Division of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, said: lower, and when transfers are applied, it costs 700 to 800 won more to travel from Dongtan to different areas of Seoul.

“People may feel that the GTX-A fare is expensive, but the GTX-A is a semi-high-speed train that is about three times faster than a regular subway,” adding, “SRT, not subway. , runs every 17 minutes (according to rush hour)”.

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