The Ina Group’s Participation in AW 2024: Presentation of Strategic Product Solutions

Ina Group plans to participate in “2024 Smart Factory+Automation World 2024 (AW 2024)” held at COEX in Seoul from March 27 to 29 and showcase comprehensive technology solutions including motors and robots.

This exhibition is an important opportunity for Ina Group to participate for the 34th time and will present various products and innovative solutions under the concept of “Motor and Robot by INA”.

Ina Oriental Motor responds to the diverse needs of customers

Ina Group's Ina Oriental Motor plans to introduce mini drivers and small motors that emphasize space saving and efficiency, networking products that support various communication protocols, and electric actuators and motion controllers that can perform various motions. : These products provide customized solutions and show potential for application in various fields.

Inatech & Copo, a leader in total solutions

Inatech & Copo showcases products that meet the diverse needs of the automation industry. Specifically, it answers the various needs of automated processes with JEL's STCR wafer robot, Shibaura's Skara robot THL500, CKD's pneumatic/electric display, GTR's high-efficiency reducer, and KEB's low-noise display.

The TECH division plans to showcase the innovative technologies needed for logistics and industrial automation by introducing the intelligent collaborative autonomous robot MiR, Universal Robots' collaborative robot series and OnRobot's gripper.

Ina MCT represents the future of smart factories

INAMC, which leads the Smart Factory Division, has partnered with Bosch Rexroth Korea to introduce the next-generation carrier handling solution, LMS, an innovative motion logic controller and EMC electric cylinder optimized for industrial robots. In addition, various solutions for building smart factories are provided by Doosan's joint robot H2017 and Solomon 3D vision display.

Through this exhibition, Ina Group plans to highlight its strengths by providing products and solutions covering all factory automation processes, and will allow visitors to directly experience and check Ina Group's diverse product line at the exhibition site. Is expected:

An official of Ina Group said. “Through the 2024 Smart Factory and Automation Industry Exhibition, we plan to highlight Ina Group's strengths in comprehensive responsiveness from robot parts for factory automation” and “Innovative technologies of Ina Group at the exhibition site. “It will be a good opportunity to effectively inform the industrial sector.”

The 2024 Smart Factory and Automation Industry Exhibition is expected to provide an excellent opportunity for various industry officials interested in industrial automation and smart factories to discover the latest technology trends and directly experience Ina Group's advanced technologies and solutions.

During the exhibition, the Ina Group booth will provide customers with personalized advice through direct contact with experts, as well as demonstrations where you can see the latest industrial automation solutions in action.

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