United States warns country to beware of water and sewage systems that could break | RYT9:

The US government is warning state governors that foreign hackers are currently launching cyber attacks to disrupt water and sewer systems across the country.

White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan and Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Michael Regan said in a warning letter released Tuesday (March 19) that cyberattacks are currently underway to shut down water and wastewater systems in the United States.

The warning letter points to Iranian and Chinese hackers. Sullivan and Regan cited a recent incident in which hackers allegedly working with Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) shut down a Pennsylvania water utility. They also cited a Chinese hacker group called Volt Typhoon, which said, “Information technology of many critical infrastructure systems include drinking water systems in the United States and China.”

The warning letter states, “These attacks can affect critical parts of the clean and safe drinking water system. It also has a huge impact on the costs of different communities.”

The Reuters news agency reports that the digital security of water and drainage systems has been a concern of cyber security experts for a long time. This is because these utilities provide vital services. and are often poorly protected. This was the case of last year's break-in at a water pressure booster plant in Aliquippa. Pennsylvania received special attention. This is partly because the control system displays a message that says “You've been hacked” (YOU HAVE BEEN HACKED).

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