Victoria Villaruel: “The role of the military is not to engage in combat with civilians, I believe this was evident in the 1970s.”

Victoria Villaruel. “The function of the armed forces is not to fight against the civilian population, I think that was clear in the 70s.”

Victoria Villaruel gave her first interview to the press this Thursday after assuming the position of Vice President. Javier Mille's candidate broke his silence after weeks of talks with the president, pay raises, announcements by Patricia Bulrich and Luis Petrie on a package of anti-insecurity and drug-trafficking laws and wrangles in the Senate. The hiring of Vilma Bedia, who included immediate relatives in multi-million dollar contracts on employee payroll.

In that regard, the leader stated his position regarding the statements about the intervention of the armed forces in internal security matters and separated himself from the decision of the Casa Rosada. “I don't agree, I said it in the campaign and I still stand by it. The function of the armed forces is not to fight against the civilian population, I think it was clear in the 70s, a drug dealer is a civilian by law. They fought against terrorism in the 70s, where are the people fighting against it? Prisoners.”

in dialogue with TN:At the beginning of the report, the head of the Senate referred to the increase in the salaries of the legislators, which he later had to push back together with the President of the Chamber of Deputies, Martin Menem. “The legislator is the person who represents the states in the Senate and the Argentines in the deputies. I think that they should be paid decently for a very important task delegated to them. If only the rich and drug dealers were legislators. “They should earn well, they don't earn well.”

The vice president has distanced himself from the government's initiative to send soldiers to Rosario

“Christina Kirchner as a pensioner earns more than 7 times what a senator earns less than 2 million. The fact that the pensioner earns what he earns does not seem right to me, it is not right to go down. Let's upload everything.” continuous.

And he concluded. “This is extremely important, there are 72 senators to whom we delegate our lives. They legislate on property rights. It is a reality that the function we delegate to them is vital. If you pay them less, they will be prone to corruption. Corruption is a part of dignity. Everyone should win according to their role and responsibility. The increase was supposed to be given, but I withdrew because the president asked me to do so. Miley considered that considering that the people of Argentina are making superhuman efforts, the political class should accompany them. I think that there should be equality in the incomes of the three powers. Everyone should be frozen. Judges: All. Here we make our efforts. I hope that other forces will do the same.”

“I am not going to go into anyone's pocket. Here I defended the salaries. “I am not a senator, but I am a president, and if a senator lives many kilometers away and has to protect his home, his origin, it is difficult for them to do it with what they have earned,” he concluded.

Referring to his relationship with Mile, the vice president said: “Good. We are two people who complement each other. He is more intense in public life, quiet in private. I am the opposite, and we complement each other. I think that's what the Argentinians allowed because it's a very complete thing. Today we have breakfast. He waited for me with expresso-type cookies, and I said, “what a mess, give me a croissant.” He told me: ask for whatever you want. there is a good atmosphere.”

“My relationship with Mile is good,” said the head of the Senate

And he added: “You saw how sensitive it is, I didn't feel excited after the HNM session. Institutionalism was at stake. I can't do what I want, this has to work, the laws have to be discussed. I am a referee. DNU already had several requests from multiple senators that needed to be addressed. “I can seek the moment, but not stop it forever.”

However, he assured that ADM will continue to operate.I don't think it will fall, but it will be resolved in the deputies. We have plan B and C. The president said that. There is an impulse to deal with laws here. The Law on Foundations can be postponed. Time is running out and we need new rules to be arbitrated because the people voted for a change. But there is also the institutionalization, and we are going to respect the laws. The state did not collapse in two minutes, we cannot restore it in two minutes.”

At this moment, the leader began harsh criticism against Christina Kirchner. “I don't want to be Christina. In 2023, they met five times in full fury. There are scandalous statements on the lips of such figures as the former president. It cannot be that even a four-month-old government is talking about these dismissals. I don't know who asked his opinion, he already had many years to talk. It is necessary to call for silence, especially in matters of dismissal. As for Cristina, it pisses me off. It is the failure of the democratic system.”

“There needs to be silence, especially on the firing issues,” Villaruel said of Cristina Kirchner (AP).

In another part of the interview, Villaruel expected that the government is not talking about announcing amnesty to the military on March 24. “According to my information, I am not aware that the issue of pardon is being seriously discussed. I said it on the networks. The solution is not pardon or amnesty, it is legal. The law does not say what was interpreted. Stretching the right is the solution.”

Surprisingly, when journalist Jonathan Viale asked him if he would have presidential ambitions in the future, the former deputy did not rule it out. The president's flower? I don't know, it doesn't keep me awake. “I don't rule it out, it doesn't keep the nights either.”

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