Victoria Villaruel: Where are the Prisoners Who Fought Against Terrorism in the 70s?

Millet's candidacy just days before March 24 validated his controversial vision on human rights and crimes against humanity.

Victoria Villaruel This Thursday he gave his first interview as Acting Deputy Speaker after weeks of some confusion in the Senate following the rejection of DNU 70/2023. In the run-up to Memorial Day, the vice president once again occupied the center of the political arena The ruling party is publishing this Sunday based on the concept of “total memory”. and during the report, the vice president endorsed his controversial vision of human rights and the armed struggle of the 1970s.

Regarding this upcoming commemoration and rally that will take place on Memorial Day Sunday, Villaruel stated: “There is morbidity associated with that date.” and questioned the position of the left-wing groups.

He also delved into the contentious issue of pardoning repressors, an issue heightened this week by reports that the Minister of Defense denied. Louis Petrie.

“The solution to the issue of those detained for reasons against humanity is neither pardon nor amnesty.“Villaruel argued TN:in conversation with journalist Jonathan Viale.

Victoria Villaruel in the Senate. Photo: N.A

Instead, the vice president suggested a “legal solution”. and he was opposed to the state extending “the right of incorrect boundaries.”

Referring to the groups and citizens who will mobilize on March 24 for the Memorial Day march, Villaruel made a provocative statement. “If they want to celebrate the coup, that's their decision.”.

Next, Milei's competitor delved into the concept “Memory for all” and criticized the left-wing organizations that march every year on this special day.

“The whole left seems to lose their lives if they don't get to hear their message on March 24, which has been uninterrupted for 40 years,” complained Villaruel.

Luis Petrie's Ideological Turn From Radical Youth Soldier to Seventies Relativization of Violence

What we are discussing is that memory is for everyone, that today human rights are also for Argentines.which have been repeatedly violated by past governments,” explained the vice-president TN:.

“The function of the armed forces is not to fight against the civilian population, I think it was clear in the 70s, isn't it? A drug dealer is a civilian by law. In the 70s, they fought against terrorism. Where are those who fight against him? Prisoners“, argued the vice-president in one of the most controversial parts of the interview.

At the same time, Villaruel confirmed that he did not make a mistake in allowing the treatment of the mega DNU; “Institutionalism was at risk here.”

At this point, he stated that he did not consider this to be implied in the statement released by the head of state, after he convened a meeting in the Senate to discuss the resolution of necessity and urgency (DNU), which was finally defeated.

“I didn't feel excited, I wasn't wrong with DNU.”announced the vice president.

Photo by X @VickyVillarruel

On the other hand, Vice once again noted differences with Christina Kirchner and Javier Mille himselfalthough he clarified that his relations with the president are “good” and that they even had breakfast together this Thursday.

Regarding the former president, Villaruel criticized him for being “weakening,” referring to a 33-page document the CFK published in mid-February, warning that other political forces “failed to complete their mandates when they failed to give to the public. the quality of life that Argentinians demand.”

Faced with this warning from Cristina Kirchner about Millet's mandate, Villaruel asked the CFK to “call for silence”.

“I don't know who asked his opinion, the former president has had many years to talk… Perhaps it's time to call each other quiet, especially if you're going to ask questions that are completely pointless.“Victoria Villaruel attacked.

Miley's striking analogy to Freddy Krueger

During the report TN:Villaruel suggested a Milei's interesting chainsaw analogy with Freddy Krueger.

The vice-president warned that “if you come with a chainsaw like Freddy Krueger”, there will be consequences. “Then many labor lawsuits come, and you have to pay 700 compensation in the labor courts…”

“Does that analogy apply to President Millay?”Viale asked.

“He's (by Javier Mille) a full power chainsaw, so are we, but We need to do this carefully so as not to incur more costs later on.“, the vice-president said.

In addition to the above, Villaruel mentioned some details of the breakfast with the president at the government house. “Today we had breakfast at Casa Rosada, he was waiting for me with some express cookies and I said 'what a mess, there's no croissant here, something?'” he told me. “Do whatever you want, I ordered. do you want chicken?'


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