Vietnam's president resigns Need to find third leader in more than a year

Vo Van Tung has resigned from the post of President of Vietnam. After being accused of violating party rules, forcing Vietnam to find a new leader for the third time in just 1 year.

Vietnam must find a new president for the third time in more than a year after the Communist Party forced Vo Van Thung to resign as president on Wednesday, foreign news agencies said. Although I just received the position in March of last year. Later, his predecessor also had to resign.

According to the message spread on Wednesday. Mr Teung resigned over the allegations. Violation of party rules and failed to set an appropriate example as head of state. But it was not clearly revealed. What exactly did he do wrong?

His resignation also came a few days after the Vietnamese police announced the arrest of the former governor of Quang Ngi province. from corruption charges It happened more than 10 years ago, at that time Mr. Tueng held the position of the head of the Communist Party of this province.

Behind the recent change of positions in the Vietnamese government is the campaign against bribery, which the General Secretary of the Communist Party Mr. Nguyen Phu Trong As the real authority of Vietnam, it began to be used in 2016.

The campaign aims to root out widespread corruption. To the extent that in some provinces, more than 90% of applicants for Land Title Certificates pay bribes to officials.

The fight against corruption has intensified especially in the last two years, when many critics blame it. The campaign is increasingly being used for political purposes by various factions. Thuan's predecessor, former President Nguyen Xuan Phuc, was forced to resign. In the footsteps of two deputy prime ministers dismissed earlier.

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